Fitovanny : benefits , recipes fitovann

What could be better than a warm bath, which gives vigor and restores strength and helps to relax and again feel relaxed and cheerful ?!One useful option is fitovanny baths, the preparation of which will take a little more time, but the effect of them will be much more noticeable and extensive.

Fitovanny are among the recreational and cosmetic procedures that can be performed at home and improve the condition of skin, hair and body in general.

Benefits fitovann

fitovanny properties vary depending on the herbal ingredients that have been used in the course of its preparation.Typically, this herbal decoctions and infusions of herbs, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or prepare themselves.

Fragrant and useful fitovanna helps calm the nervous system, relieve fatigue, cleanse the body of toxins, normalize metabolism in the body, relieve fatigue severity and feet to improve blood circulation and strengthen the immune system.

In cosmetology used for baths with the addition of chamomile, pine needles,

lime blossom, valerian and citrus.For maximum effect it is recommended to alternate reception fitovann with various additives.

Admission Regulations fitovann

To fitovanna brought maximum benefit, it is necessary to observe certain rules for its reception.Before we dive into the tub, you should take a shower, using conventional scented soap.Not recommended for use before the procedure all kinds of scrubs and peels.

immersed in a bath does not need to completely: above the water level must always be the head and chest, or rather the heart area.The recommended temperature for fitovanny is 37-38 degrees.

As to the time of reception fitovanny, then stay in it longer than 20 minutes is not worth it.In most cases, the recipe for fitovanny stipulates how water temperature and residence time in the bath.

To obtain stable results, as a rule, is not enough one treatment, you must go through a course consisting of 12 fitovann.The interval between the two baths must be of the day, since it is too much load for the body.During reception of a bath, you need to relax as much as possible.Contribute to this softly, soft music and muted light.

Recipes fitovann home

Citrus fitovanna

To prepare the citrus fitovanny often used essential citrus oil.This may be a lemon, orange or grapefruit.The oil droplets in the amount of 5 is mixed with conventional glass without sea salt and flavoring additives, and then dissolved in warm water.

Instead of oil, which can be purchased in a pharmacy or in a specialty store, often use dried orange or lemon peel.Before you put into the water, you need to peel pour over boiling water and then put in the tub.In addition to the useful properties, they will give the bath a unique, fresh scent.

Bath with lime color

Fitovanna with lime color is especially in demand among women wishing to get rid of excess kilograms and centimeters.A decoction of lime color helps rid the body of excess water and toxins that have accumulated in it.Such bath will be an excellent complement to physical exercise and proper nutrition.

for lime bath will need 300 grams of dry lime blossom and 5 liters of water.Place the raw materials into the pot, fill it with water and bring to a boil.Then, remove the broth from the heat and let it brew for 20 minutes, then strain and add to the bath.

Fitovanna with valerian

One of the most famous and productive fitovann conducive to relaxation and normalization of sleep, a bath with valerian.In addition, it is used as a preventive agent for diseases of the female organs and allergic reactions.The water bath is necessary to add the finished extract of valerian, with dilution with water or aromatic oil in an amount of 5 drops.