Vegetable oils in cosmetics

Vegetable oils are added to many cosmetics and perfumes is not accidental.They are well accepted by the skin, because the composition is very similar to fat produced by skin glands.

The main task of the oil - nourishing, because vegetable oils contain fat-soluble vitamins - vitamin A and D, as well as plant hormones - substances similar in structure to human steroids, which play an important role in skin regeneration processes.

In addition, vegetable oils, introduced in cosmetic products:

- activate lipid metabolism

- restore the barrier function of the skin

- protect the skin from external factors

- increase the elasticity and softness of the skin

- restore the hydro-lipid mantle of the skin

- retains moisture in the stratum corneum of the epidermis

- contribute to the regeneration of skin cells and activation of collagen synthesis, and many other features.

Therefore, all modern drugs, referred to as nutrients, contain vegetable oils.And which ones are the most rasprostanenie?

Macadamia oil composition close to the spermaceti (maclam extracted from marine mammals).Instantly absorbed, restores softness and tenderness of the skin, eliminates irritation, skin peeling and manifestations photodermatitis.A powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging agent.

oil-jojoba wax - regenerating means

nourishes, smoothes, revitalizes the skin, eliminates irritation, swelling and burning.Ideal for the care of babies skin.Optimizes the digestion processes of vitamin D, and promotes tanning, strengthens hair.

Avocado oil - a storehouse of provitamin.Perfect for thin skin: nourishes and regenerates it, restoring the barrier.Has antioksidnymi, hydrating and wound-healing properties.

Almond oil - Cleopatra's favorite oil.Ideal for masks, care of problem areas.Softens, lightens skin, giving it elasticity.Eliminates burning, itching, redness, sensitive, dry skin.

Oil Hypericum has resolving, regenerating and antikuperoznoe action eliminates bruising, strengthens capillary walls.Epithelialized skin when the rash of herpes.Burns powerful tool.Ideal for oily and combination skin dehydrated.It is used as a remedy for dandruff.

black caraway seeds Oil - perfect for oily skin types with sharp stagnant and inflammatory elements, allergic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, seborrhea.