Chiromassage or Spanish facial massage

Chiromassage - the development of the Spanish professor Enrique Garcia Castells.The basis of the Spanish massage were laid classic and oriental massage methods and techniques.

"The purpose hiromassage -. Improve blood circulation and lymph flow, a deep study of tissues of different levels (skin, muscle, fascia), the removal of mimic voltage"

feature technology hiromassage

Designed director of the Institute of manual therapy hiromassazh is a manipulative technique impact on the surface of the skin and subcutaneousstructure and even bone.The basis of the art implementation laid combination of manual therapy techniques, chiropractic and kinesiology.

Chiromassage promotes improvement of internal and external.Thanks to the exceptional plasticity of movements master chiropractor, by the impression of conventional strokes, but the effect on the body, they have a serious, affecting the deeper layers of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and nerve endings.

Indications for Spanish massage the face and body:

  • Swelling.
  • Venous grid.
  • wrinkles.
  • hypertonus muscles or their atony.
  • Acne scars.
  • impaired blood flow and blood supply to the skin.

Since the scheme of the procedure is chosen individually on the basis of urgent problems, it can be recommended Spanish massage the face and body to almost everyone - without contraindications and age restrictions.

Procedure for hiromassage

hiromassazh involved in all parts of the hands - fingertips, palm rib, and all of its surface, and even elbows.Technique of this massage consists of more than a hundred steps, and is not a permanent circuit.Each session offers something new and consists of individual combination of massage movements and their connection elements.

constantly new experience each subsequent session hinder nervous system to adapt to have an impact, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the impact of the procedure.

are roughly four technology Spanish massage the face and body.

1. Metabolic , which is aimed at restoring muscle relaxation and mobility.It activates the metabolism, helping to burn fat, toxins.It has anti-cellulite effect.

2. Neyrosedativnaya - in is based on the oriental knowledge of energy channels that penetrate the human body.It is aimed at relaxation of the body and muscles, relieve stress and tension, fatigue and irritability.For this technique, characterized by soft and gentle movements.

3. haemolymphatic drainage - intended effect on blood vessels.Improves venous circulation, lymph flow, removes excess fluid.This technique is used for the Spanish facial massage, as well as for the whole body.

4. Miotensivnaya - elaboration of joint through muscle tissue.First held deep kneading periarticular muscles, contributing to their relaxation, and then gently worked joints.

Indications for the procedure do not have to wear a medical character.This massage is recommended to do and as a preventive measure.As a result, in addition to specific decisions problems increase the tone of facial muscles, improve relief and complexion, improve skin elasticity, lifting effect is acquired visually.

rejuvenating effect is achieved not only by increasing the skin turgor, but also due to the normalization of the sebaceous glands, activate regenerative processes at the cellular level, the removal of edema, muscle cramps, plus the elimination of positive psycho-emotional background.