Honey massage : history, benefits , massage technique

honey has long been considered a remedy for many diseases, and ancient healers used it in their recipes.The first honey rubbed into the skin began in ancient Tibet.Just then there was the first honey massage, which since then and is now considered the best way to give the skin smoothness and elasticity of velvet.

Efficacy of honey massage, and its amazing properties are based on the ability of honey to absorb toxins.During the massage, the honey penetrates the body tissue and literally absorbs accumulated wastes.That is why during the honey massage can be seen as applied with honey on the skin on the body appear dirty yellowish flakes.

In addition, honey promotes the dissolution of subcutaneous fat and restores skin elasticity.

procedure of honey massage

Full course of honey massage consists of 15 sessions, which are held every other day.Make a honey massage can be yourself at home.

But it should be noted that this procedure, as opposed to other types of massage, is quite painful.This is because t

he honey, which is applied to the body during the massage thickens and the masseur's hands begin to stick.Accordingly, you should make an effort to pull them from the skin, causing some pain.

But as of massages all the discomfort will soon disappear, and you can feel as heat spreads through the body.

What you need for honey massage

Naturally, honey massage honey is more necessary.But the choice of the procedure for the honey - it is responsible.Honey should be natural, without any additives or sugar.

During the massage may be the use of different flavors, for example, honey, you can add essential oils - lemon, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, juniper, eucalyptus, lavender.

Adding aromatic oils should also be cautious.Usually 1 teaspoon of honey entered 5 drops of oil or a mixture of different essential oils.For massage thighs and buttocks enough 2 teaspoons of honey and 5 drops of any essential oil.

"Keep in mind that honey massage is contraindicated for varicose veins and capillary net on his feet."

honey and essential oil are mixed immediately prior to massages.If you want to use several types of oils, you must first mix the oil, and only then add the honey and all thoroughly.

Technique of honey massage

for massage honey should be applied to the palms of the hands and then pat start transferring it to the skin in massage.First, you need to massage one area and then move to another area.Part of the honey will be transferred to the skin, and some will remain in the hands.Pat need to continue until all the honey not be transferred to the skin.

After all honey is on the skin, the next stage: the palms should be pressed firmly, as if sticking to their skin, then abruptly tear.It is important to push the hand very tightly and sharply tear them.

During the procedure, the honey is driven deep into the skin, but on the surface there is only a thin layer.After a while, instead of honey on the skin surface begins to appear whitish-yellowish mass.

whole procedure should last about 10 minutes, then you need to wash the area with warm water and massage sponge, wipe and lubricate the moisturizer.

Do not worry if after a massage on the body remain bruises - they are quickly pass.Painful sensations are only at the beginning of the course of honey massage, but then the skin gets used, and the remaining procedures will be painless.