What to meet New 2016 Fire Monkey

In order to decide on a New Year's suit, it is necessary to combine fashion trends with Eastern tradition befitting a meeting patron animal New year.Every twelve years the animal for a year helps those who greeted him well.Coming in 2016 - the year of the Monkey.

In addition, in the Chinese calendar, there is also a division of the five elements.There comes the element of Fire.It turns out that the coming New 2016 Fire Monkey is generally once every sixty years!So do not miss the chance to light the full extent and slightly poobezyannichat!

What color to choose for New Year's dress?

What outfit to choose to please the Fire Monkey, while remaining stylish and fashionable.Red dress?

costume color is not limited to red shades.It's all flame colors - from orange-red to purple-muffled, sometimes even blue and green.A look at the fire-extinguishing - can be chocolate-colored and silver-claret.

Well, of course, the golden hues will also come in handy.Do not overload yourself with sequins, let it be only

a slight accent in the form of an accessory.

And More Monkey like tropical colors of the sun, jungle, sand and azure coast.

Choose a style New Year's dress

fashionable in the new season will be multi-layered dresses.The layers may be in the form of long and ryushey frills settling stages.As actress Monkey will like costumes, the dresses in the style of Latin and Spanish dances will help you to implement the plan.At the same time, monkey loves glitter and luxury, here you can get help multilayer Indian saris.

More Trends 2016 - mnogouzornost, delicate and transparent inserts, fur appliqué, beads and wide belts.

Styles is better to choose light and free.It is like the freedom-loving monkey, and you will be comfortable in the incendiary dance steps.The length can range from mini to maxi.In the first version, you can use an asymmetric top, revealing a completely closed lace insert one shoulder.In the second - to use multi-flowing pleats on the skirt.

The choice of fabrics for the New Year's dress

fabrics that like symbol of the new 2016 Fire Monkey, also associated with her character.This naughty translucent lace and chiffon, satin and emotional, that its modulations add dynamics.Also suitable thin velvet, sliding and eccentric.And on willfulness and self-sufficiency of the hostess, the Monkey can point suede and fur.

Ornaments for the New 2016 Fire Monkey

Completing the image will be decorating with large stones.It's time to show off jewelry and old grandmother's rings.If it did not have in your jewelry box, it is possible to pick up something in the style of ethno - large wooden or carved bone pins, studs made of stone, wide bracelets.

All this should naturally look with a suit and have a magical attraction.If you still doubt the ivory hairpins to satin, and sticks for sushi all the time fly out of hairstyles during Latin dance, get a gold tiara - it definitely will make you queen of the ball.

Christmas hairstyles, manicures and makeup

about hairstyles.

Hit - red curls.wavy curls fit for romantic hairstyles.

Also, the Monkey symbol like any corrugated irons and African braids.For short hair, asymmetrical haircuts are relevant to the red strand.On long - small braids at the temples.

Makeup must match the whole appearance.If you are in a chic dress and jewelry, then treat with the utmost care in choosing colors to complete the image.Note that the red color is not in vogue.Prefer wine shades.

If your image of a carnival, is fantastic, you can use the colors of the costume with tattoos (washable), crystals in the eyelids.Fashionable will also be golden and shimmering shades.

Manicure - French or its opposite the moon.By the way, he called in Russia.In other countries it is known as "Hollywood jacket."Well, trendy manicure with sequins will also assess the hostess Carnival Fire Monkey.

general monkey will be glad to any outfit, you would only feel comfortable, and spent the night noisy, fun, outside the box.Having thought up an unusual scenario, you not only will please the most fantazёrku, but also to provide its guests with a positive mood!Oh, and do not forget to organize a ceremony making wishes with lighted candles - that the fire will help your confidence and success in all your endeavors!