Vacuum facial massage

Vacuum massage face - to achieve skin rejuvenation effect, due to the intensification of the blood and lymph systems.Vacuum procedure naturally stimulates the process of regeneration of the skin, so such a method of massage helps to make less noticeable scars and scars.

"Vacuum facial massage helps to relieve swelling, to smooth wrinkles and restore tone aging skin, reduce dark circles under the eyes."

vacuum massage procedure can be carried out both in the salon and at home.In the latter case it is necessary to strictly follow the sequence of actions and measures to comply with precautions.Unprofessional conduct of massage can give serious side effects: bruising, increasing incidence of rosacea.

is strictly forbidden to carry out the vacuum massage of the face, if:

1) on the skin are damaged;

2) has a communicable disease;

3) observed the fragility of blood vessels, rosacea, thrombophlebitis;

4) have chronic cardiovascular diseases;

5) observed worsening of other chronic diseases.

Vacuum facial massage at

home to home treatments you can buy cosmetic jars or vacuum massage.Both are sold in pharmacies.For large areas suitable for cans diameter 33 mm, for study of narrow areas - 22 mm.

Vacuum massage cosmetic house banks: an algorithm of actions

1. Clean, rasparte skin.

2. Lubricate the skin and butter jar.

3. Keep an eye on power of "suction" banks - it should be the minimum that the bank could be moved along the massage lines without much effort.

4. Move the banks one by one massage lines should take place without the "separation" from the banks of the skin.

5. Getting a massage - neck region, hereinafter - the cheeks (facial contours), the end - the forehead.

6. Eye Area necessarily avoided.

7. Any painful sensations arising in the course of the massage, can not be ignored - it's a solid reason for the termination of the procedure.

main directions of massage lines

Vacuum Tumbler

Rules skin preparation and actions vacuum massager similar manipulations with the banks.The only difference - the degree of "suction" to the skin is regulated by the compression force of the rubber tip of the massager.

advantage of the vacuum tumbler that using it is more convenient to carry out the static vacuum procedure (massage is applied to the desired area, and so left for a short time without moving).

General recommendations

Vacuum massage - a "shake-up" for the skin, though with a positive effect.So do massage before bedtime, the person could relax for the night.

Gradually increase the massage time.For the first time will be enough once to walk along the massage lines.On the third or fourth session, if the side effects are not observed, it is possible to separately delay the problem areas (to spend some time on them).

recommended to take a course to address the problem of aging skin - 10-15 massages (the interval between sessions - day).Time directly massage the face and neck usually takes no more than 15 minutes.

By following the procedure for its instruments, be sure to wash them, preferably in a soap solution, and once you finish self-massage.Following the basic rules of hygiene, nobody borrow their banks or massager.

vessels facial skin is very sensitive.After vacuum massage threat to them can make the temperature drop.So do not go out after a massage minutes 40.

carefully evaluate the result of the first procedure.Properly executed vacuum massage will give the effect after the first session.Any negative change or a complete lack of results - the reasons for the change of a cosmetologist or select another option for skin care.