How to apply foundation

The recommendations on the application of foundation, you can read the phrase, carefully blend the foundation.And how to shade, that there is no divorce, and the skin became smooth and beautiful color?To tone cream has become the basis for a beautiful makeup, you need to know some of the rules of its use.

Yes, indeed, it is necessary to impose a tone means a little more face mask takes the form wrong shade - on the skin are obtained divorces which only accentuate the defects rather than hide them.Therefore, you need to learn all the stages of makeup to do consistently and according to the rules.

Before using concealer, apply on the skin day cream and leave for a while, so it was absorbed.A cream, remove excess tissue, gently soaked face.

If you have dry skin, before using the tone means you need to apply on face fat cream.This cream is applied in a circular motion and always from the bottom up.Then you need to wait 5-10 minutes and apply on face moisturizer.Rub it should be easy patting movements fin

gertips.After removing the excess cream cloth, can be applied to the skin tone means.

Tone Cream should be distributed across the face in a circular motion from the center to the peripheral areas.If you do the opposite - cause foundation from the periphery to the center, the wrinkles and large pores will absorb too much tonaki and will know better than to use tonal resources.

Tonal means should be applied in small portions, no larger than a pea.Then you will be able to more evenly distribute the agent and your skin will look natural.

finished applying foundation, dab carefully cosmetic wipes the face area on the line of contact with the hair, as well as the lower portions of the cheeks and chin.This will remove excess makeup and give her imprinted on the hair or clothing.

After applying foundation, you can sprinkle a special person means to refresh the skin or the mineral water from the sprinkler.This procedure is well-lock make-up and make it more natural.