Cellulite .What is cellulite ?Diet and Skin Care for cellulite

Most women appear on the skin areas with lumpy, dimpled fat deposits in.This is a manifestation of the so-called cellulite.Sometimes it occurs in men.If cellulite is not complicated by obesity, he poses no risk to health.The French call cellulite "orange peel", as the lumpy surface of the skin lesions reminiscent of orange peel.It usually appears in the change of hormone balance periods - at puberty, pregnancy, before and after menopause, when taking oral contraceptives.

How cellulite is formed?

Fat deposits in the areas affected by cellulite, separated by non-elastic plates of connective tissue.These plates lie between the skin and deeper tissues located and well protected.

When a person begins to gain weight, the fat cells swell and the length of the plates of connective tissue remains unchanged.And then the fat is the only available way - forming bump on the skin surface.The plates are tightened to the skin, and it acquires the characteristic lumpy appearance.

cellulite formation can contribute t

o dysfunction of the lymphatic system.Poor functioning of the lymphatic system because of the excessive amount of fat, sedentary lifestyle or fluid retention leads to the deposition of isolation in tissue products.

course, cellulite is not attached to the attractiveness, but special means of treatment there but a balanced diet and exercise.If you're going to resort to cosmetic surgery and remove excess fat, ask your doctor to recommend an experienced surgeon.

For prevention of cellulite, you can make the following recommendations:

Keep your weight normal.Exercise regularly.Do not stay in a sitting or standing position for too long.Eat five servings daily of fruits and vegetables.Limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine.Every day, drink enough fluids to quench your thirst, and that urine was light in color.

Provisional improve the appearance of lesions can be achieved with the help of some natural remedies.Take, for example, a dandelion.

The dandelion contains substances that increase the cleaning effect of the liver.Furthermore, it facilitates the removal of the kidneys from the blood by the water and the final metabolic products thus add dandelion salad leaves and tea daily drink a glass of dandelion: 60 g of fresh leaves in 0.5 liters of water.

Diet cellulite

cleansing diet will help excrete the excess fluid, the end products of metabolism and toxins.

main part of your diet should be raw fruits and vegetables as well as brown rice, sunflower seeds, beans sprouts.

Drink plenty of fluids, especially spring water.Also useful fruit and vegetable juices and herbal teas.Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages.Avoid refined, processed foods and limit the consumption of food of animal origin.Fresh fruits and vegetables are the basis of the cleansing diet as they are rich in nutrients, easy to digest and high in fiber.

Regular massage and cellulite massage with a brush

Vigorous massage increases blood circulation, especially beneficial effect can give a massage using a blend of essential oils.Stimulation of the skin improves its surface appearance.

- Mix four drops of pine and rosemary oil, three drops of cypress and pachulevogo and five teaspoons of cold pressed vegetable oil (olive or almond).In the first 20 weeks of pregnancy exclude cedar, cypress and rosemary oil.Massage the cellulite affected areas twice a day.

- Gently massage the affected area with a soft dry brush with natural bristles.Start with your feet and gradually move toward the heart.This massage stimulates blood circulation, removes dead skin cells and improves its appearance.

Do not forget about physical education as well as sports straining muscles and improve the appearance of cellulite affected skin.