How to apply mascara

To mascara does not roll into clumps, and beautifully set off and lengthen them, you need to know some of the rules for its application and, of course, first and foremost, it is necessary to use high-quality cosmetics!Therefore, before making a home make-up, mascara properly choose and learn the secrets of the professionals.Then your will easily cope with this problem on their own, and your makeup will decorate you and make the eyes more expressive and mysterious.

rules applying mascara on the lashes

• Before you start applying mascara, eyelash should be degreased.To this end, suitable makeup remover that does not contain any oil.

• If you - the owner of the long and not very thick lashes, you do not need to buy a lengthening mascara, because it will make them visually more sparse.For such eyelashes more suitable volume mascara.

• To avoid lumps on the eyelashes, it is important to choose the right brush.In addition, the brush must be perfectly clear: If the brushes are the remains of the carcass,

then they put off lumps on the eyelashes.It is better to choose a mascara modern with good smooth brushes, for example rubber.They do not hurt eyelashes, easy to "give" them ink and wash well.

• Never apply a new mascara on the eyelashes painted already - it will not make them more fluffy, but rather add unsightly lumps.

• When you do not forget the make-up to cover the lower lashes mascara, since they "open" look.But do it carefully, without overloading them, only the tips of color, or become a heavy look.

Some secrets of beautiful eyelashes

- If you want to enhance the almond-shaped eyes, stained lashes thus: first color in one layer all the lashes, and the second and third layers of mascara, apply only to the outer corner of the eye and in the direction of a little toward the temple.

- Brown mascara looks as bright as the black, but it does look softer.

- Tweezers for eyelashes before applying mascara, use, otherwise the cilia can break.

- During the winter months give lashes a break from waterproof mascara.In the cold season is better to use mascara with vitamins A, B, C, E and panthenol.