How to increase your eyes with makeup ?

Nature does not have awarded large and expressive eyes?And you're looking for ways to visually enlarge them with makeup?No problems!There are some fantastic tricks of make-up professionals who can help you.In most cases, it is a matter of technology, so it makes sense to practice a few times, in order to learn how to apply make-up as it should.Check out these techniques on yourself, and I'm sure you will be able to achieve the desired effect of expressive eyes!

1. Use a white shadow

In fact, you do not need to paint the lids tight white shadows.Rather, you should use a white pencil or shadow small accents on the inner corners of the eyes and along the lower eyelid.Such reflections visually "disclose" your eyes, make them shine.

2. Take care of eyelashes

You'll definitely use ink, but first it is necessary to work with the eyelashes!Curl them with a special eyelash curlers.Curled lashes, as compared with direct, always look bulkier.They make more eyes open and, consequently, larger.You can also u

se false eyelashes, if you like, but do not overdo them.

with the lower lashes, things are different - they have nothing to do at all.As if to emphasize their ink, they can visually reduce the eye.

3. Shape eyebrows

Wide bright eyebrows - it's great.Make sure that your eyebrows are neat and well-groomed appearance.Remember to pull out excess hair and adjust the shape of eyebrows.They must be combined with the shape of the face, so keep that in mind when you go to the correction.

4. Eyeliner

There are many different types of eyeliner, and dozens of ways of its application.You should empirically understand which method is right for you and will make your eyes more and more expressive.Experiment with different colors, application methods, length and thickness of the arrows.

5. Play around with different colors

If you use two different shades of color in make-up, you can really make a fashion and make-up-to-date.At the same time, try to use bright palette of shadows, make sure that the shadow shades blend with your skin tone and hair and fit your tsvetotipu.

6. Focus on lips

This is no joke!One way to make your eyes more - is to shift the focus on the lips.Do not use either the shadow or eyeliner or mascara.Instead, put on the lips bright lipstick or gloss.Such opposition is really visually make your eyes more.

7. Blue color

This is something new!Did you know that cool colors such as blue, visually make the whites of the eyes whiter and brighter, because of what the eyes seem larger?Be bold, experiment with blue eyeliner on the lower eyelid instead of black because black eyeliner eyes and hand weights makes them less than they are.

8. highlighter

If you have dark circles under the eyes, use a highlighter to disguise them.Dark circles are always visually reduce the eye.Also, highlighter, you can brighten the contour of eyebrows.This visually lift the eyebrows and "will open" eye.Your eyes will look brighter!

9. Ombre

When we try to make the eyes bigger, more often use techniques to make them more open.One technique is called Ombre - the effect of "pulling" color, ie,a smooth transition from light to darker tones.Apply a light shade as a base throughout the century, and then, carefully blending, apply darker shades in the direction to the outer corner of the eye.So you using colors to visually enlarge the eyes.

Learning all of these techniques is not difficult.You just need a good makeup, high-quality tools and machinery Waste.If you take some time to perfect methods of applying make-up, in the future you will be able to very quickly and make the perfect makeup without difficulties!