Facial massage : massage the rules and lines of the face massage

first indicator of beauty is a woman of her face, as this is the part of the body, which, above all, pay attention.Slim figure, straight legs, graceful arms and an attractive bust will be evaluated later.That is why, to save the young person beautiful ladies resorted to a variety of methods, including a massage, which has long been considered one of the most effective means for the recovery of the body and give the skin a beautiful, natural color.

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to regularly visit massage parlors because of lack of funds or time, but do not despair, because a facial massage can be performed independently and at home.For only need to adhere to certain rules and recommendations.

Use facial massage

Many perceive massage only as a pleasant, relaxing procedure to relieve stress and relax.It is, however, this is not only useful massage feature that it has on our body.During the facial massage is an intensive blood flow to the areas for which the impact is carried out.It improves b

lood circulation, gas exchange, lymph flow and improves skin elasticity.

Regular facial massage can become an excellent tool to combat premature aging, eliminating the small wrinkles and preventing the formation of pigmented spots on the skin.Through facial massage normalizes located on it sebaceous glands, which helps get rid of acne and post-acne marks on the skin.

Besides massages, including facial massage, strengthens the immune system and increases the body's resistance to various diseases.Among the useful properties of the face massage also includes correction of facial contours, getting rid of the double chin, improve muscle tone, elimination of edema, resorption and reduction of scars, a sense of cheerfulness and a burst of energy for the whole day.

massage lines face

To facial brought only benefit, you must do it by performing movement strictly for the massage lines.The main ones are on the face, some on the neck and temples.

Massage lines are located on the sites of the earlobes to the middle of the chin and pass on the edge of the face, from the ears to the corners of the lips, on the cheeks to the nose wings, from the nose to the temples and from the middle of the forehead to the hair.

Movement, comprising a set of massage for the face should be smooth and soft, without pressure, and strong pressure.During the procedure the skin is kneaded, stroked and rap.

area around the eyes gently massaged in particular, the movement in this area are carried out slowly and carefully, otherwise thin skin stretched and the effect of the massage will be completely opposite.

Preparing to face massage

procedure to bring the maximum benefit, it is necessary to pre-prepare.Basic training will take some time, but at times may improve the results of the massage.Start with a thorough cleansing of the skin, using special cosmetics such as lotions, peels, scrubs and more.As scrub can be used natural products, namely, ground coffee, oatmeal and honey.After cleansing, it is recommended to make a steam bath or lay on the skin herbal compress.This will help to open the pores and saturate the face with oxygen, and warm up your muscles.Directly during the facial massage, it is recommended to use oil or your usual cream.

Contraindications to massage the face

No matter how effective a massage, there is a special category of people who are encouraged to abandon it, to preserve the health of the organism.These include people with heart disease, with poor blood clotting, with abnormalities in the thyroid, fungal diseases, disorders of the facial nerve, high blood pressure, malignant tumors and open sores on the face.In all other cases, properly executed facial massage will bring only benefits and pleasure.