Language odors .You and your perfume

Aroma talks about his "host" is much more than can be imagined."The choice of fragrance can be compared with the choice of music to meet friends, explains touch analyst Alexei Krasnov.Becoming classics - all the decorum sit and talk about high.Choose a jazz - party obtained informally, with a touch of aestheticism.Cut in the rock to the fullest - guests take it as a good proposal be delayed for a drink.The situation is similar with the smell.Just everything is not so clearly. "

Knowing the "language of smells" can be not only decipher the "signals" of others, but also to prevent a situation where you yourself become hostage to its psychological flavor.In addition, you no longer have problems with the "guessing" a suitable perfume in a gift a loved one.

floral aromas: lily, freesia, gardenia, jasmine, rose.

If you use the aroma of this group, you are easy and pleasant to talk to people.A reliable friend and faithful companion, even close friends have a little bit.You had a passion for beautiful things

, the original decor and certainly something to collect.Everywhere, wherever you go you make a note of its own, and even to perform daily work tasks are aiming to find an unusual approach.Shindig you prefer a cozy and homely atmosphere, which, thanks to your creativity is never monotonous.You - hospitable hostess and owners, golden hands.

woody fragrance: sandalwood, cedar wood.

Fans woody aromas distinguished elegance and sense of style, restraint and fidelity to the classics.True intellectuals, they have a multi-faceted knowledge and are able to converse on any topic.They are cautious and prudent, do not lose composure in the most difficult situations.These are real smoothies, sensual and elegant.Monogamous - it's not about them.

green, woody notes: bamboo, grass, moss, hay, morning dew.

It advocates a healthy lifestyle, sports fans and outdoor recreation.They prefer all natural and "no preservatives".Perhaps even vegetarians.They are energetic, witty, have a movable mind and are able to find non-trivial solutions of everyday problems - it gives them worldly pleasure.Always achieve their goals.

oriental scent: vanilla, amber, spices.

lovers of oriental fragrances versed in the art, appreciate the privacy, true to the traditions.Among them are often found retrogrades, enthusiastic collecting antiques.The crowd can be recognized by a spectacular appearance, eye-catching accessories.Their speech is replete with fine epithets and terms such as "postmodern" and "Mannerism".At the same time they are sufficiently educated to know what these terms mean.As for his personal life, even at modest nature of data they are able to turn it into a bizarre performance.

citrus flavors: mandarin, lemon, grapefruit and other citrus fruits.

Those who prefer the citrus aromas, distinguishes a good organization.The key to personal success they believe strict discipline, a clear strategy, well thought-out tactics.These perfectionists, they like to plan everything to the smallest detail.And if one of the "chain links" suddenly breaks, it throws them into a shock: they can be hot-tempered and unrestrained.But after a few moments, they come to life and is easy to come up with 10 ways to get out of a difficult situation.In love, they love to dominate.Infidelity and betrayal experienced very painfully.

fruit aromas: black currant, raspberry, peach, watermelon, cantaloupe.

These incredibly sociable romance, love noisy companies easily make friends.They can rely on - they literally turned inside out to help a dear person.They are creative, able to work in a team, have a great sense of humor, like funny jokes themselves easily "carried" on humorous provocation.Life - it's about them.Casual, romantic games, spectacular courtship - their hobbies.But at heart they Monogamous.

sea aromas: seaweed, waves, breeze, rain.

Among lovers of flavors many of those who are afraid of closed spaces, and so they are so calming influence odors boundless sea.They do not like frills, functional interior prefer hi-tech, their uniforms - jeans and a top.At the same time they - ardent surfers, skydivers, snowboarders.They love all the progressive, their gaze directed to the future.In the dispute between parents and children are always on the side of the latter.Their creative quest always translate into something avant-garde.It's the same in love - they are free like the wind, do not stay anywhere long, and not in the least worried about someone inflicted emotional wounds.

fresh flavor: fresh air, the icy peaks.

Fan fresh flavors tries not to break away from the group.Inveterate urbanist, he can not imagine life without the city, not too fond of rest "in the village."Appreciates comfort, is interested in fashion news, is an expert in contemporary art.Household chores he considers a waste of time: much nicer to go with friends or colleagues in the bistro or the sushi bar.Know he has a lot, but his friends - one, two and miscalculated.He highly appreciates itself and long enumerates partners before you find "something worthwhile."He is no stranger to notes of bitchiness.