Conversion day in a festive make-up

Very silent time will pass, and will start the celebrations on the occasion of Christmas and New Year coming.And, of course, we want to look their best, rich and beautiful.About outfits we already told you in the article What's celebrate the New Year fire monkey?Today, makeup lesson - we offer you a few tips on the rules of application of the evening (festive) makeup.

Evening festive make-up should not be a daily update or supplement thereto.Holiday makeup should be applied again, on clean skin.However, if circumstances do not allow you to completely renovate the applied cosmetics in the morning, you can use some cunning tricks by which the normal day make-up is easily converted into an evening gala makeup.

"The quickest and easiest method of converting daily makeup in a festive, evening -. Use the light effect you can choose one of the following methods:"

- complement conventional lipstick gloss

- coat gloss cheeks, the skin under the eyebrows and the central part of the century

- use dry shadows and blush Glitter, causing them to matte foundation or without

- using gold or silver shade of gold is suitable for anyone, but the silver looks impressive only on pale skin.They can be applied on the eyelids, on the lower lip, cleft in the upper lip, as well as whiskey.Gold Dust looks great on the ear lobes and their hair, especially if they are pulled back

- use pearly shades that shimmer beautifully in the rays of light.

festive makeup

If day makeup should be in harmony with the natural color of the skin, to supplement it, it is possible and to experiment with make-up holiday.So, to your taste:

- Apply all over the face and exposed parts of the body a light foundation with talc, it will give the skin a dazzling white color

- to select the shade of unusual colors, using as a reference point, for example, the color of the dress, hair or eyes.The blue-eyed women are bronze and gold shades, and brown-eyed - purple and violet-purple.

- When choosing unusual colors for a festive make-up must take into account their compatibility, so the novice experimenters better to take three shades of the same basic color.By introducing an additional color, you can balance the rest of your makeup.For example, the emerald-green color perfectly combines with apricot and terracotta.

- If you have time, remove with the help of a cleaning agent residues daily cosmetics and together with them all the particles of dust and dirt.Then it is recommended to make a refreshing mask or wrap.Dried skin, apply a new, already a festive make-up with all the rules.

your evening a festive make-up must be suitable to your tsvetotipu (the definition of tsvetotipa we described in the article: How to determine your color type?), And, of course, to your toilet.

Despite the fact that the New Year's meeting allows some carnival costumes and colors, it is still better to comply with the measure, to feel comfortable.

And, most importantly, I look for a holiday in the mirror in time to lubricate the correct paint and freshen the face.And our helpful tips to help you choose and apply makeup correctly.