Head massage.Female secrets of your hair Beauty

graying (the loss of the natural hair pigment) is genetically and is observed in the majority of people in the 35-40 years.But this problem can be overcome.And very affordable way.To do this, 50 g of leaves and roots nettle pour half a liter of vodka and half a liter of natural apple cider vinegar.Infuse for two days and then boil on low heat for about 30 minutes This composition rub into the scalp daily for 2 months.At the same time to drink a decoction of nettles: 1.5 tablespoon of nettle pour half a liter of boiling water, then on low heat for 10 minutes, cool and drink 1 tablespoon morning and evening.During treatment, do not use shampoos, conditioners.If you have dry hair, once every 2 weeks for them to make a mask out of heated olive oil.

At loss of hair is popularly used tincture of red peppers.In diluted form, it causes a rush of blood to the scalp and improves its nutrition.For tinctures: chopped peppers mixed with 70-percent alcohol in a ratio of 1:10, insist week, and filtered.Then dilut

ed with boiling water in a ratio of 1 part to 10 parts of infusion water.The thus obtained infusion rubbed into the scalp to enhance hair growth 2-3 times a week, preferably overnight.

Hair should be washed as soon as they become dirty, lose luster.In the summer, when a person sweats heavily, they should be washed frequently.For washing is best to use a mild shampoo for frequent use, and not soap, as the interaction with hard water soap rolled up and left on the hair matte gray patina.

"For the power of the scalp, and therefore helps to improve the condition of hair and also self-massage of the head."

head massage while standing or sitting (migraine head lowered to the chest).All movements should be done in the direction of hair growth, t. E. From the top down to the neck, ears, etc.

Start by stroking: put, hands on his head so that his fingers were joined at the top of the crown.Stroking spend fingertips of both hands down to his neck.

Then go to gentle pressure: both wrists, or phalanges, compressed in a fist, produce light pressure on the head.

following movements - rubbing, which can be circular.Follow their pads of your fingers, gently pushing, pushing and stretching the scalp.

last stage of massage - kneading: palm apply pressure to the skin, then shifts the palm with skin.

Finish the massage by stroking from the top of the ears.