Your color palette ( continued) .Women's beauty secrets

Learn harmony from nature is not difficult, because all that is the basis of harmony of nature forms and colors of the body (skin, eyes, hair).Our tsvetotip define our own pigments.In its natural form it is also in perfect harmony with each other.Here, four groups, which are based either on the prevailing yellow and red colors can be identified (warm) or blue (cold).This parallel and led to the formulation of the method of color units on the types of people by analogy with the seasons in nature and allowed to rank you in the spring, summer, autumn or winter.

most difficult thing - it is right to establish their own style.Who consider themselves - in the spring?In the autumn?In summer?In the winter?At the first stage the main thing - to determine the direction of warm or cold sets the tone for all the colors of your body.Look, if your skin is probably warm, reddish-yellow hue or cold, bluish-pink?At the second stage you will need to figure out a bright colored or slightly pigmented colors are more suite

d to your individual coloring.Can help bandanas in the characteristic of your tsvetotipa colors - red, blue, green, yellow, purple and brown.

If the attached color matches the type, the skin appears soft and fresh, lips appear naturally red, circles under the eyes or red prozhilochki become imperceptible, eyes get glitter and you become brighter and more beautiful.

tsvetotip and makeup

If the attached color does not harmonize with your tsvetotip face seems tired and pale, her lips seem turned blue, circles under the eyes become more noticeable and prozhilochki, eyes swimming, the skin may appear red, chapped.

It's not just to come to a final conclusion.But there is one simple test case that can hold and laymen, and which will, at least, try to warm (spring / autumn) or cold (summer / winter) the type you belong to.For this test, you will need 2 scarf or large sheets of paper - one bluish-pink, another yellow-salmon-pink.Both samples in turn puts a face or hands in broad daylight.

Again, if your skin from the proximity of a bluish-pink becoming pale and her lips become deathly blue tint, then you belong to the spring or autumn tsvetotipu, and pink salmon will make your skin fresh and healthy, and its golden huewill clearly.

If you belong to the type of winter or summer, your skin near the blue-pink seem fresh, while a yellowish tone salmon will make your skin tired and prozhilochki and circles under the eyes will immediately become visible.

Once you have found a warm or cold tones harmonizes your skin, is to specify to which type of warm or cold colors, you can refer yourself.By the spring or autumn or, respectively, for the winter or summer.