Makeup for green eyes - a step by step photo

believed that green eyes belong to witches.Like it or not, to check, I think, not worth it.But to give the look more expressive and some magic with the help of cosmetics can be.Our article on how to learn make-up for green eyes, step by step photos to help you master this very wisdom, designed for zelenookih beauties.

So, green eyes, there are many shades - from olive to emerald.And in each case requires a special palette of secrets and subtleties of applying makeup.In addition, the makeup can be a day, business, wedding or evening.

Day makeup

Day make-up is also called business or invisible.Cleverly stressing eye pencil, shadows and mascara, you will add expressive look, but it will look natural.

For daytime makeup is to choose natural colors - beige, bronze, gray, brown, khaki.You can only draw arrows and shadows are not used at all.

Remember, makeup should be natural, so choose matte shadows.

What we need:

  • shadow of two or three colors in one color;
  • liquid eyeliner;
  • eyeliner;
  • mascara;
  • eyebrow pencil.


  • Impose tone - the foundation on your face to even out the color and camouflage problem areas.
  • brown or gray-brown pencil eyeliner.Shade, that there was no clear distinction between the lines and shadows.
  • If you use eyeliner, draw a line along its upper line growth of eyelashes.
  • applied to the upper eyelid light shadows.
  • on the inner corner of eye impose lighter shade.
  • Next to the outer corner of the eye, select a darker shade, while the rich and dark - just at the edge of the eye.The transition from light to dark shades should be shaded.
  • folds, formed on the upper eyelid when we blink, you can set off a bronze tint, and select Eye greenish or grayish shade.
  • paint on eyebrows with a pencil (if you use it).
  • To give the make-up ease to put the light (light pink, light beige or white) in shadows bend eyebrow area.
  • Apply mascara.If you are brunette - you can take the black if the blonde - that will look good brown mascara on the eyelashes.Cilia do not forget to comb to remove excess mascara.
  • look in the mirror and admire the fly to study or work.

Perhaps the first time will not turn out the perfect make-up.But not gods pots, so do not worry, wash make-up and try again.

Evening makeup

Evening make-up can and should be catchy, but not careless and not vulgar.It is already possible to use pearlescent palette, color ink, shadows with glitter, for example, copper color.

For green eyes suit the shade of black, gray or brown colors - as in combination with each other or separately.To view was romantic and charming, it is necessary to create the effect of smoky eyes or haze.If desired, you can use bright palette: green, yellow, bronze, coral shades.

  • first align the complexion, using foundation and concealer.To make
  • not floated on the eyelids also can be applied to the tone, and then powder them.
  • upper eyelid to brow to cover the lightest shades.
  • eyeliner hold the arrow from the middle of the century along the upper lash line growth and upward from the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow.Do not use eyeliner, take a pencil or black shade (apply their beveled brush).
  • Then you need to shade the arrow dark brown pearl shades.
  • crease between the mobile and fixed age shade brown shadows of medium intensity.To avoid an abrupt transition between the hues blend border from the outer corner of the eye toward the center.
  • along the already-drawn arrows, apply a bit of black shadow and blend them with a dark brown color.Must turn a sharp corner in black.
  • depth of eyes will give light shadows, barely visible on the inner corner of the eye.
  • Eyebrows can emphasize a white pencil or white pearl shades.Apply them to the bottom line of the eyebrows.
  • matte white shade can be applied by hand.
  • growth Line lower lashes paint on turquoise, green (depending on the eye color) shadow or pencil with pearl effect.
  • can now be black soft pencil to draw a line then the black-century extension and extend it a little bit beyond the outer corner of the eye.
  • Mixed brush black shadows and turquoise, set off down arrow.Arrow drawn in pencil, should be clear and not smudged black eyeliner
  • connect the top and bottom line in the inner corner of the eye, prorisovyvaya triangle.Showered shadows under the eyes looks like cloth.
  • final stage - the extension eyelashes paint or ink gives volume.

As for wedding makeup, it is, of course, can be done at home.But it is better to entrust the professionals themselves.Stylists know exactly what kind of makeup for green eyes would look better on the video shooting and wedding photos.

Makeup for green eyes, depending on the hair color

from eye color depends on the color and intensity of shadows and pencil.However, considerable importance is also the color of hair.

Blondes should choose turquoise, blue-green or gray-green shades of cold or warm colors (depending on color).

Ginger BeST fit brown tones, sand, yellow-green and shades of coffee.

Burning brunette with fair skin will be able to set off the beauty of the green eye shadow, blue-green, purple or light shades of turquoise.A smuglyanochkam to face will make peach, ruby, brown, cherry, azure, wading or coral shades.

You already know what shades are green-eyed witch.Therefore, you can pre-purchase a basic palette of shadows and play with fashion.

And finally a few more options for make-up green eyes and step by step photos for clarity.