What is bb cream?

What is bb-cream?Matting agent, combining the functions of several caring cosmetics.Designed for patients of clinics of plastic, foundation of the new generation quickly won universal love for the wonderful ability to instant camouflage skin imperfections.

"well forgotten" the new generation of cosmetics

Although the formula bb-cream - a joint development of German engineers and dermatologists, the main producer of the modern new generation matting agent is considered Korea.

Value abbreviation "bb"

cream with the acronym "bb" (Blemish Balm - "cream mask imperfections, skin defects") was originally designed as a matting agent therapeutic for patients German beauty clinics.His task was not only to mask traces of cosmetic procedures (surgical and deep peelings plastics), but also to ensure active for the injured skin.

product combines several functions:

- regenerating;

- moisturizing;

- protective;

- inflammatory.

For all its merits tonal bb-cream failed to win the European cosmetics market.Bu

t his dignity noticed "celebrity" Korea, which allowed to talk about the second birth of bb-cream, but in the Asian market.

Composition bb-cream

Composition caregiver means been finalized Korean specialists in the direction of expanding its functionality.Anti-aging components, the ability to align the relief, tone and mask pigmented skin, only added to the popularity of bb-cream and increased the number of its fans not only in Asia but also in Europe.

For the successful combination of many functions in a single tube, bb-tone cream is often jokingly referred to as "Photoshop".What a modern "bb"?

- To act as a primer, leveling the skin relief.

- Moisturize.

- frosted.

- Disguise, replacing concealer and concealer in one person.

- To provide a high degree of protection from sunlight.

- Serve as anti-age cosmetics.

- has anti-inflammatory action, eliminating redness on the skin and drying out pimples.

created as a multifunctional and versatile cosmetic product, bb-cream does not spoil the general users shades ruler.

Advantages over conventional creams

Versatility and listed advantages tone bb-cream - it has its advantages over conventional matting agents, often performing a clear task ahead of them.

good masking properties at a relatively light texture, resembling something between a whipped mousse and light cream - then the usual foundation also inferior.The benefits can be attributed to the lack of effect "mask" characteristic using a dense matting agents.This bb-cream can be safely cast in multiple layers on the most problematic areas.

The "chameleon" - the ability to blend with a touch of your skin, creating a feeling of lack of matting agent - innovation producers.Until now, no one cosmetic product could not boast of such properties.

use bb-cream does not involve special training - the skin should simply be clean.Despite all the advantages of resources to abuse its frequent application is impossible.Still, it's "heavy artillery" from the arsenal of cosmetic matting that can eventually clog pores.

In search of "his" multifunctional matting agent with the prefix "bb", the best solution would order probe set for the experimental selection of the best shade of different brands represented.