What is cc cream?

Tone SS cream - the latest addition in the line of multifunctional caregivers creams.Modern beauty-invention helps to hide most of the skin defects.It can be considered the closest, but more refined cousin BB-cream.

The idea to create the SS-cream, as well as the "BB", owned by Asians.Brand new matting agent of the first to market in 2011, the company released Rachel K. Following the Japanese and Korean manufacturers giants of European beauty industry began to manufacture super-new items.

Benefits SS cream

usual foundation can be considered a "dinosaur" in the world of cosmetics and the line of matting agents.He began to take their positions at the forefront with the emergence of BB-cream makers who managed to make it versatile.

While many have mastered comfortable in all respects BB cream, experts from the world of cosmetics started talking about his next release - even more improved formula SS-cream.

What novelty perfect her brother?Tone SS-cream is not only retained all the advantages of the BB

cream, and multiplied them.For caregivers, tinted, protective and regenerating properties, added a number of advantages.

What is hidden under the abbreviation "ss"?

abbreviation "CC" (which stands for Color Control - "control of color-correction") highlights the main advantage of the new cream.Now he is not just toning the skin, but is able to hide even more disadvantages.Redness, acne, dark circles, uneven pigmentation - all under the power of him.

What is CC-cream?

Manufacturers claim that in one bottle can now be found:

- foundation;

- corrector;

- concealer;

- primer;

- moisturizer;

- protection from the sun (up to 45 units, as well as at the BB cream);

- a remedy for wrinkles.

also "most-most" (that's right, "dubbed the" new owner's sense of humor) cream promises to more effectively "join" in the tone of your skin.And Colour Option manufacturers have provided much more than in the BB version.Against one universal shade BB, CC cream has a three-color line.That significantly increases the chance to choose the optimal shade closest to your skin cream holders.

texture and features of the application

The consistency of tone SS-cream is an easy and low-fat means - its texture is much lighter and airier BB-cream.Apply evenly, making the skin a matte effect without the "mask".Moreover, manufacturers have gone even further - "SS" can be applied even to "capricious" area around the eyes.

According to experts, the SS-cream will be a godsend for owners of dry skin.But having a different skin type, neglect this tool is also not worth it.Oil-free formula made it universal.

Apply to normal and oily skin need to mop-cream after cleansing.But before use for dry skin type tool can be applied over moisturizer.The first few minutes after application prevails white or milky skin tone.The final result is the same - naturally radiant skin - this effect can be achieved due to the presence of reflective particles in a cream.

If BB cream was positioned as a "magic wand" in difficult times, with the novelty of "SS" can be a beautiful day.Cream does not clog pores, allowing the skin to breathe.

Despite the fact that the producers set themselves the goal to create a stable and versatile in all respects a means to pick it should be purely individual, trusting her beauty probe time-tested brands.