facial sculpting

sculpting person (modeling, contouring) - a unique technique of applying makeup, with which hide all the flaws and highlight the existing advantages of appearance.Using special cosmetics to visually give a person a classic oval shape, achieve the effect of completely flat and smooth skin.

Earlier this secret was known only to professional makeup artists and stylists.Today, any woman can do sculpting facial at home.It is only necessary to know the secrets and peculiarities of the procedure.

Types sculpting

simulation is divided into two types:

Dry .Casual version of the make-up, which are mainly used for dry media: powder, eye shadow, blush, etc. The simulation takes less time and requires a minimum of skills..

Fat .Created with the help of wet and greasy cosmetics: foundations, creams, etc. It is more difficult and time-consuming procedure that requires skill and experience, not to "overload" the person and not to create the effect of the mask..

Suitable option is chosen on the basis of the

type of person, goals, opportunities, and so forth.

materials for sculpting

Especially noticeable effect of sculpting the face in the photo "before and after".However, in reality, to achieve the same action, you need to choose the right means.It:

- Tone Cream

- Colouring pencils and proofreaders

- Bronzer

- highlighter

- Powder matte and shimmering

- Shimmer

- Blush

- Shadows

- Thick brush with a smooth cut forfeather

- brushes of different sizes for the application of cosmetics (material section thickness selected individually)

is necessary that the means to create the basis (foundation, powder, etc.) correspond to the natural shade of your skin.You also need to have a means to a tone darker and lighter shade of natural color.When you first pick up the appropriate colors, you can buy a whole palette or a set of probes for experimentation.Stages

procedures for different types of facial

Depending on the type of facial modeling procedure will vary.For each of them there are basic rules and recommendations.

Oval face

This is the most classic type, so in this case the application of make-up will be minimal.Sculpting such a person steps:

1. Means darker shade applied on the hairline and on the cheekbones.

2. Bright tone adjusted the chin, the forehead, the line running from the eyebrows and ends at the tip of the nose.

3. Smile and without changing facial expressions, apply blush on the ledge "apples".

4. Apply a highlighter to the area above the upper lip faces to make your mouth more chubby.

round face

This type of person is required to visually lengthen it, to conceal some parts.To do this:

1. Apply the product a dark color on the lateral surface of the cheeks, temples, the corners of the lower jaw.

2. lighter shades to emphasize the line of the eyebrows to the tip of the nose, the center of the forehead.

3. Emphasize cheekbones bronzer.

square face

is necessary to achieve the visual constriction of the forehead and chin.To do this:

1. Apply a light makeup on the face vertical line, lightening its middle.

2. Adjust the dark shades of all acute angles face, whiskey, the whole line of hair growth and chin.

3. smile and apply blush to the "apples" of the cheeks.

rectangular face

From oval face this type is characterized by a high forehead and a slightly elongated chin.For his sculpting necessary: ​​

1. Dark tint to adjust the line of hair growth and lower jaw.

2. lighter shades to emphasize the cheeks (it is best to do this with the help of powder).

3. Bright highlighter to lighten the central part of the face: the site above the upper lip, the line of the eyebrows to the chin, the central part of the forehead.

Triangular face

To achieve a classic oval face girls with this type requires visually make the width of the forehead is less.This can be achieved if:

- Apply the darker makeup on whiskey sideline cheekbones.

- Clear up the jaw, the central part of the face and the basic line of the cheekbones.

- painted her cheeks (the front surface), starting from the line of cheekbones.

more detailed procedure can be found in the photo and video.It is important to remember that the training required to achieve the desired effect.For starters, try the simulation in a simple experiment, take a picture of yourself before and after.This will help to identify possible errors, to achieve perfect results in the future and "stuff" hand.