Brussels.Mannequin Pis

most famous symbol of Brussels - is a fun statue of a little boy's angelic, located near the main square of Brussels - Grand Place.It - Manneken Pis fountain or "Manneken Pis".

The current boy just a copy, because it is not a simple story: a sculpture 7 times stealing, latest abduction dates back to the 60th years of the last century, after which the fountain decorated with another copy, and in 1917 and completely destroyed (it was rebuilt from rubbleand re-cast).

This bronze statue, installed at the intersection of Rue de l'Étuve (Stoofstraat) and Rue du Chêne (Eikstraat) not far from the Grand Place, has a height of just 61 cm, so many times wondering why this has become such a famous fountain,in practice, widely regarded as one of the most famous fountains in the world.

But no one really knows when and how he first appeared on the streets of Brussels to give ground for a huge number of legends.One of them says that one day the boy urinated on the door of the house, standing on the spot where now s

tands a fountain, and which had lived a witch, which is so indignant that the child turned into a statue.According to another legend, the statue erected in honor of the little boy who had such a simple way trying to put out the explosives with which to destroy the enemies hoped Brussels.About a third - can be read directly at the store located in front of the sculpture, the legend reads: "In 1619 I was 5 years old, and I was lost in Brussels after two days agonizing convenience of searching, my Distraught father found me in this." Uncomfortable"position. in a fit of joy, he ordered to build this place a fountain depicting me in the position in which he found me."

Whatever it was, many agree that the statue and fountain already existed in the XV century, but its present appearance statue acquired in 1619.Its creator made working in the style of Mannerism court sculptor Jerome Duquesnoy.

most colorful traditions associated with the Manneken Pis - is, of course, his constant habit in many outfits, of which already has more than eight hundred.They are stored in the museum, located in King's House (aka Bread House).His first costume Manneken Pis got a May 1, 1698 during idle festival organized by one of the city guilds, the governor of Bavaria, Maximilian-Emmanuel for the first time put a bronze figure.

Since then, the "Manneken nuc" managed to get into the role of Count Dracula, Mickey Mouse, Elvis and even Cossack costumes and other delegations from other countries.So that this tradition is alive and is gaining popularity.Welcome to Julien, was the name of the boy, a new outfit - a special honor, which is awarded to only the most honorable residents and visitors.

Every month on the fountain lattice posted a list of the costumes, according to which "Julien" will change outfits during the month.List of the organization "Friends of Manneken Pis".At the ceremony changing costume usually plays a brass band.Also on holidays instead of water squirt of wine or a Belgian beer.Drinks are free but disposable cups, which are sold right there for the money.)))

In 1987, the "Manneken Pis" has got now - "to write the girl," the original name sounds like Jeanneke Pis.The sculpture is created from limestone sculptor Denis-Adrien Debouvrie and is located on the other side of the Grand Place.

Pissing dog (niderl Zinneke Pis.) - Is located far from the rest, about half an hour on foot.This ordinary pooch battened down with his paw, with a contented muzzle to make their case.The sculpture was created in 1999.

truth, and the girl, and the dog does not have such popularity as a boy.The boy and the age of solid and "promotion".Some souvenirs are worth.A girl sits back quietly behind bars, go try to find her again.

Playful fountains are not limited Mannequin Pis and Janneke.If you look around, then walking can be seen on the walls and fountains, and other fun characters.