Brussels.Grand Place

Brussels took its name from the "Bruksele", which means "marsh city", the city emerged in the 6th century on the trade route between the cities of Cologne and Bruges / Ghent.During the reign of the Habsburgs city prospered and eventually became the capital of the Spanish Netherlands.In the XIX century it received the status of capital of newly independent Belgium.

Brussels today is primarily considered to be the seat of business or diplomats - it is the headquarters of the European Union and NATO.

However, there are also many interesting places for tourists.Brussels is gorgeous, rich in history and luxuriously cozy, this city is the epitome of northern cultural heritage at its best.

town center can be divided into two parts: top and bottom: the upper town is full wide boulevards and grand buildings, and downtown - is a maze of narrow medieval streets surrounding one of the most beautiful squares in Europe - Grand Place (110 m in length and68 m in width).

Grand Place is the heart of the Lower Town an

d one of the main attractions of Brussels, over it rises the majestic building of the town hall - a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, built in the first half of the XV century.architects Ya.van Tienen and Ya.van RĐĹysbrukom.

In 1450 Hall was crowned with a 90-meter-high watchtower with a statue of St.Michael - the patron of Brussels.Opposite the Town Hall is the "King's House" (aka Bread House), which, despite the name, has never lived no king, - house served alternately baking warehouse tribunal and prison.

Built by order of Emperor Charles V, along with the town hall, he is the chief ornament of an ensemble of a large area.In 1873 the architect Victor Yamar reconstructed building in the Gothic style.Nowadays there is the Brussels municipal museum.Along the perimeter of the Grand Place tower built in different times of the guild house.

Many attractions of Brussels are located in the four quarters of the city.Here you can feel the beauty of art and architecture.But see for yourself.

City of Brussels