Port of Hamburg - " Germany's gateway to the world "

Hamburg called the Venice of the North, and for good reason, because in 2400 the city of bridges, an order of magnitude more than in Venice itself.They are more even than in Venice, Amsterdam and London combined.According to the number of bridges Hamburg is brought in the Guinness Book of Records.

tenth of the area of ​​Hamburg (. 75 sq km) takes a sea port - one of the business cards of the city.It sent several thousand daily flights to all countries of the world, and 300 berths (total length of 46 km.) Devastate holds its merchant ships.

key role in the development of the city many years ago played a local port, and today it is important for Hamburg.In addition, the port - one of Hamburg's most popular attractions.It is called the "Gate of Germany to the world" because it is the largest port in the country.In addition, it is the third largest port in Europe.

In the 9th century church of the Archbishop of Hamburg Adaldag allow local people to trade - so began the history of the port.And,

in fact, this was the reason for the development of Hamburg.May 7, 1189 - the official day of the birth of the port.That same day, King Frederick Barbarossa of Germany signed the decree, which allowed merchants from Hamburg duty-free drive through the Lower Elbe to the North Sea.

worth mentioning impressive size river gates - they take a tenth part of the city and has more than 300 berths.The port is located at the mouth of the Elbe, and quite far from the sea - 100 km.However, it is constructed in such a way that it can take even the largest ocean liners.Every year from 7000 Hamburg sent flying in all directions.

unloaded in the port of Hamburg, a huge number of merchant ships carrying everything from industrial equipment, cars and scrap metal and cardboard finishing, tea and cocoa.

Hamburg is one of the most important ports in Europe, where it is loaded paper.It is also the largest trading platform for pharmaceutical raw materials.In addition, the port of Hamburg is the largest storage facility for the storage of carpets in the world.

But do not think that this place is only used for utilitarian purposes.Port can be considered a cultural and business center - there are offices of the large publishing houses, newspapers and magazines, advertising agencies.In addition, the port attracts tourists by the presence of exhibitions and museums.By the way, there is even a balloon.