Geographical location of Singapore has defined its role as the ships of various countries meeting place - here the sailors sailed from China, India, Arab and Portuguese came to court.Island, who was at the crossroads of the East, became interested in the British Empire, which needed its outpost in the trade policies pursued by the British contributed to the development of Singapore.And when in 1965 the city-island gained independence, he was also a well-known entertainment center in Southeast Asia.

According to legend, when the island of Sumatra set foot Prince, he noticed in a sea of ​​amazing creature, resembling a lion.Since then, a tradition of living in the sea near Singapore mysterious creature with the head of a lion and the body of the fish.Sea lion - Merlion - Singapore guarded the ancient, when he saw the danger, his eyes lit up red light, able to incinerate enemies.In honor of the mysterious beast is based on the island settlement was named Singa Pura, which in Sanskrit means

"Lion City".This happened in the XIV century, and since then, Singapore is considered a symbol of a mythical creature with a lion's head and fish tail - a sea lion, and is held every September festival dedicated to this mythical animal.Singapore is often called the "City of the lion and the church."

few interesting facts about Singapore

wealth Fountain - the largest fountain in the world (28 meters), which is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records.It is especially beautiful at night with colored lights.

Despite the fact that Singapore is called the "concrete jungle", in almost every area of ​​the city has sports courts and a park with an abundance of greenery, where you can relax and take a breath of fresh air.Almost half of the territory of Singapore is covered by vegetation - gardens and national parks.

said that Singapore was built according to all canons of Feng Shui - its landscape and architecture consistent with this teaching about the impact of energy flows in the human.

Singapore Flyer - it is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, its height is 165 meters (the height of the London Eye, London counterpart - 135 meters).In good weather from the top offers a spectacular view of the city and can be seen even some of the islands of Indonesia and Malaysia.

One of Singapore's business cards - this is a unique five-star hotel complex Marina Bay Sands (Marina Bay Sands), a three-hundred-meter 55-storey towers.On the roofs of the towers located playground SkyPark as a ship, which, inter alia, has a 150-meter pool.Entrance to the observation deck costs 20 SGD, but swim in the pool will be possible only in case if you are the guest of the hotel and go to the pool visitors are allowed once a day, at 14:00 and only 15 minutes