Properties and mystery stones .Cornelian

Carnelian is often chosen as a talisman and amulet.Even in ancient times it was considered extremely happy carnelian stone.From it were made wedding decorations depicting Cupid and Psyche, as a talisman of true love, which contributed to the convergence of two souls and protected from moral neustoychivosti.Schitali also that in case of doubt, the stone will show a true sense of whether a human or just a temporary craze, becauseat the sight of a loved one carnelian should become brighter.

Legend has it that carnelian uplifting, sharpens your mind and gives eloquence.The cornelian is the power of Mars, Saturn and the Sun, so the range of its activities is very wide, it creates around itself a great curative field.

Charms carnelian increase immune properties of the human, cure skin diseases, thyroid gland, fever, improve metabolism, stabilize the nervous system.

In eastern countries women during childbirth carnelian recommended putting in your mouth, it provides an easy and successful delivery.

In the Middle Ages were very popular decoration of carnelian, since it was believed that this stone can defeat the power of black magic, protection from ill, to ensure secrecy, give its holder the courage to prevent an argument, keep from lightning and evil spells.

Astrologers believe carnelian stone, of great medical importance.It neutralizes the negative energy, strengthens the physical potential and gives strength.It brings wealth, but it happens for a long time.

Carnelian - precious stone, taking with them only superfluous: pain, fatigue, melancholy.

After wearing carnelian man often begins to take.Carnelian invisibly to unravel the tangle of threads of fate, hit the wall dead ends, it brings man out of the labyrinth of life crises.The spirit of the stone removes the dark veil from the human eye, removes trash and cobwebs of life.He is able to quickly clean or¬ganizm person.

Women are better to wear carnelian in a ring, and for men there is no limit.This mineral is good for the lawyers, traders, politicians and all people maloobschitel¬nyh.

This stone is recommended to wear Taurus, Capricorn and Libra.Also, it can be worn and the Virgin, but not very chas¬to.Carnelian is useful to almost all signs of the zodiac, as the stone is universal.But cancers that stone does not help, though, and does no harm.

for jewelry, amulets and talismans with serdoli¬kom best to choose a frame of silver or mel¬hiora.

Carnelian symbolizes happiness in love.