Properties and mystery stones .Sapphire

Sapphire belongs to the corundum group.Its color is most often blue and blue in different shades, but there are also colorless stones, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple and even chernye.Sapfir known since ancient times.The truth is that time is sometimes called sapphires completely different stones - united them is that they were all blue.Only then called sapphire blue variety of corundum, corundum and other transparent colors, but red is assigned different names.

today called sapphire corundum understand jewelry of any color other than red - ruby.Color Sapphire specifically indicate, for example, say, green or yellow sapphire.If, however, referred to simply "sapphire", then it is only about a blue stone.

Colourless sapphire is sometimes referred to as sapphire, orange and yellow - padparadzha ( "lotus flower").

hardness of sapphire is the same as that of ruby, and as much depends on the direction of the impact, which should be considered when cutting the crystal.

Large sapphire deposits are found

in Australia, Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia and India.Australian mine in Queensland known since 1870 Quality sapphires mined there is considered to be low, as a thick blue stones becomes artificial light ink, green or almost black.Lighter stones have a green tint.They were also found star sapphires.

Large sapphires are rare.They, like the famous diamonds, assign their own names.The largest star sapphire treated (563 carats) - "Star of India" and the black star sapphire "Midnight Star" (116 carats) located at the American Museum of Natural History.

star sapphire "Star of Asia" (330 carats) belongs to the Smithsonian Institution.Two famous sapphire - "Saint Edward" and "Stuart" are the jewels of the British Crown.Sapphire "Saint Edward" is in the center of the ornament adorning a cross crown.According to legend, the stone in its raw form is inserted into the ring of King Edward the Confessor, came to the English throne in 1042

The crown is located behind another unique sapphire - "Stuart", having 3.8 cm in length and 2.5cm wide..

Three sapphires, weighing 2 thousand carats each, carved sculptural portraits of US Presidents: Washington, Lincoln and Eisenhower.Unique sapphire of 200 carats mounted in the cross of power of the Russian Empire.

Ancient people believed that the sapphire provides loyalty, modesty and chastity, keeps from anger and fear.It has long been considered a symbol of reliability and contemplation.The ancient Jews understood sapphire stone, symbolizing justice, after all of it was done Seal of Solomon.

Blue Sapphire helps to fight with a variety of physical and mental diseases, protects against treachery, fear and anger, but only if the owner - a good man, and chaste.In this regard, it is considered a stumbling young monks.

As Jupiter stone, it cools passion, but in ancient times the woman to inflame passion men were placed in the sapphire glass of wine intended for her lover.

most powerful of sapphire is considered the star-shaped stone, inside which is a six-pointed star - the symbol of crossing lines of faith, hope and love.

Ancient sapphire is considered the mascot of the wise men, as it enhances memory, awakens a thirst for knowledge, enhances good judgment and prudence.It is believed that in the dark blue sapphire wisdom of past centuries is closely intertwined with the future of a mystery.The field of this stone gives an impulse to the knowledge of the unknown and secret.

Sapphire helps to overcome laziness and inactivity, gives strength to a tired man, makes the body strong again.He saves the wearer from envy and treachery, so that the person wearing the sapphire as a talisman, nothing to be afraid of can.Perhaps that is why the ancient Germans considered him a stone victory.It can strengthen the informal power and influence on other people, but only if a strong man has to deal with it.

Sapphire, which is worn as a bracelet or a ring on his left hand, helps a person improve their health, as the range of its therapeutic possibilities is quite wide.

Sapphire - stone of teachers who can use it to teach others and lead them.For those who want to achieve something only in their own interests, sapphire does not do anything.

Very helpful wearing sapphire Sagittarius and Aquarius, are not contraindicated in this stone Pisces and Cancers.More or less it is suitable Weights and Lions.Nothing gives sapphire only Capricorns, moreover - consuming.This is the only sign of the zodiac, which is contraindicated in sapphire.

irresponsible and lazy people of any signs of wear sapphire is not recommended, as this stone can deprive them of all.

as frames for sapphire is recommended to use gold or silver.