Properties and mystery stones .Stones vampires

In nature, in the wild, every stone goes a long way from a liquid to a solid state.Only through the centuries and even millennia stone reaches the completed form.All this time the stone, forming, is gaining momentum, it bit by bit laid the energy that will then healing, magical effect.But the lack of natural raw materials has pushed people to create artificial kamney.Dolgy, painstaking process of stone formation can be compared to the work of the artist, carefully write out every detail of the picture.Everyone knows how much different from the real picture reproduction.It is an exact copy of the original, reproduction devoid of human warmth.Similarly, artificial stone differs from natural.Physical and chemical properties of the artificial stone similar to those of the natural, but lacks the most important thing - the soul of nature.

People always something missing - money, time, health, fame, happiness ... stones.Human greed is indestructible.Man eats the future, stores belongings, money, the right fri

ends.But all too often, with a lot, a man does not know how to take advantage of.He turns into a slave of his things.And it is possible that humanity can become a hostage of artificial stones.

Artificial stones, did not receive spiritual charge of Mother Earth, can be regarded as orphans or children born without love.Artificial stones originally deprived, so they will always look for energy supply from the outside.Any artificial stone - it is a vampire that can be a great remedy for greed.

These stones with vital force aspirated and many human desires.Artificial stones help a person get rid of all unnecessary - from obesity, tumors, toxins, heat attachment to tobacco, alcohol and other.

Stone, a copy of which is artificial, indicates on what exactly authorities artificial stone sucks energy.For example, cubic zirconia, artificial diamond, absorbs the energy of the head, as the diamond belongs to Aries, and Aries governs the head.

Prolonged wearing cubic zirconia causes headaches, dizziness, reduced visual acuity, dulls the sense of smell, provokes tooth decay.Fianit would be useful at elevated pressure in the vessels of the cerebral cortex as well as in the case when there are the undesirable growths.Artificial sapphire

weakens the stomach and helps reduce its acidity and ulcers, and to get rid of various tumors in it, including cancer.Artificial stones are especially useful in chronic diseases.

For quite healthy human artificial stones can even be dangerous - they shorten his life.From extended wear artificial stone man is likened to a car, becoming unemotional, unfeeling creature Many people, long wearing cubic zirconia, noticed that they have forgotten how to rejoice wholeheartedly.They still see the beauty, but they could not take her heart.

Occasional contact with artificial stone will help to get rid of chronic diseases, but the constant wearing will lead to the emergence of these diseases makes the soul empty and cold, and the heart - callous.