Properties and mystery stones .Opal

name "opal" comes from the Sanskrit "fell" - stone.Guy Pliny the Elder wrote about the disgrace: "Of all the gemstones Opal is causing the greatest difficulties in the description.He plays on light, as a carbuncle is sometimes purple glitter amethyst, aquamarine shades like emerald shines together with indescribable brightness. "

Pliny also tells the story of disgraced Senator Nonniya stone, worth 2 million sesterces, aroused the envy of the Emperor Antonius.Nonniya chased, but he preferred the favor of the Emperor and exile, but did not give an opal.

Opal is a colorless, transparent as glass, and black

sparkling and brilliant as a diamond, and matte.A feature of some opals is their opalescence, t. E. The game of colors.On this basis Opals are divided into precious - svetoigrayuschie and ordinary - no iridescent glow.Separately allocated fire opals.

Noble Opal - translucent, white, yellow, black stone.Fire Opal - with a bright orange or red color without color play

hyalite - glassy and transparen


kahalong - porcelain-white opal.

most large white opal, weighing 26,350 carats found in the alluvial deposits "Jupiter" in South Australia in July 1989, he was named "Jupiter-5" and is now privately owned.Most big black opal in 1520 carats and the size 121-80-15 mm was found February 4, 1972 in Australia.

Opals were valued very high until the end of the XIX century. When in Europe the demand for them has fallen due to the assumption that this stone brings bad luck.However, opals were considered and exceptionally happy with stones.

Since ancient times there is a perception that the opal involved to lie.It involves its owner to black magic, and if this person is also unclean in their thoughts, it gives the power of Satan,

Presented opal breeds hostility to give it to and can cause contention.Without any fear he might be wearing the only people who were born in October.

Because of its property to initiate vague, deceptive hopes, Opal is useful for those who suffer from delusions of suicide and often falls into melancholy.Stone is good for the people who live in a world of their own dreams, not trying to implement them.

contrary, opal opponent of all acts seeking to action to improve their situation.It is fear of the unknown.

Opal is a stone misanthrope misanthrope.Despite the fact that it promises performance of false hopes, is a stone of grief and loss.

Since opal stone is deceptive, it can not be worn on the arm.Useful during the day disguise ring or a ring with this stone with one finger to another.

Opal is able to include a person in the work to find a way out of the deadlock.Worn on any parts of the body, opal almost always inspires optimism, hope and confidence.

With this stone you can chat to people born under any of the signs of the zodiac, as the opal always gives everyone - his own.Opal for any man - a "second head".As a talisman, the opal is good for people of technical specialties.

Opal brings happiness magicians, able to win a perverse tendencies, or people to whom it was inherited.Do not wear opal dreamy people or poets, as they have the stone creates a tendency to schizophrenia.Stubborn and self-confident people wearing, in principle, is not contraindicated, however, and they are encouraged to periodically remove it.Since Opal is under the influence of the moon, you need to straighten it in silver.

Despite all its properties, opal has long been considered a symbol of European peoples confidence, happiness, hope, and eternal love, pure thoughts and sympathy.Opal also serves as a symbol of the enchanting charm fickle woman.