Properties and mystery stones .Jasper

Jasper has long been chosen as talismans and amulets because the stone symbolizes humility and courage.As an emblem of hardness jasper dedicated to St. Peter.Jasper is very appreciated in the East, and in Korea and China jasper even considered a symbol of the mysteries bytiya.Etot stone has properties to protect against the evil rock and bring happiness to drive away sad thoughts, merry heart, develop intelligence, improve memory, cure epilepsy and fever, nasal stopbleeding, recuperate the body, to facilitate delivery, to sharpen the sense of smell.

ancient peoples of Europe believed that jasper gray gives wisdom, the foresight of the future, giving fortitude in moments of trial.Wearing jasper with you can not be afraid of lightning, he would not be defeated in any battle or in disputations.This gem stone is considered as brave people.In Georgia, we believed that some varieties of jasper given the ability to see the invisible.

Ever since the days of ancient Greece with jasper linked to counteract pois

ons and heal from any ailments, if you drink the cup of agate.In ancient Rome, especially for the treatment of certain diseases in jasper cut the patient's name, and the ward the patient was to be worn around the neck.

Green jasper was considered having the property to strengthen the stomach, eyes and heart, to terminate tachycardia, as well as protect against drought and bring rain.Arabian medieval scholar Ibn Sina (Avicenna), advised her to wear in the abdomen for the treatment of diseases of the digestive system.

Talisman jasper cool colors gives the power to foresee and detect invisible to the eye.

Per person this stone acts in two ways.For the people of the earth and water signs - is a powerful charger.However, it charges jasper pretty rough energy, from which the person usually feels tired or depressed.

For those of air and fire signs jasper - the strongest vampire, sucking but only heavy energy.Especially dangerous jasper for business people, and only the black magicians it can serve as a talisman.

This stone symbolizes the duty and honor.

At work, it is best to wear a yellow jasper.Green jasper is used in alchemy.Stone is recommended as a mascot Virgo, Taurus and Sagittarius.But it is not worth it to wear a Gemini, Pisces and Aries.

recovering red jasper need in nickel silver, and other color varieties can recover gold, aluminum, titanium and their alloys.