Properties and mystery stones .Topaz

once called topaz all golden-brown stones indiscriminately.The word "topaz" is derived from the name of Topazos island (now - Zeberged).Topaz are colorless, watery-transparent, golden, wine-yellow, blue, pink and light green.Usually there are not bright topaz.The most common stones are golden yellow with a pink tinge.The most valuable are pink topaz.

Under the influence of bright light stone color may fade or even disappear.The most resistant to light - blue topaz tones.Often, topaz color striping occurs, for example, blue and pink.

in the XVIII century.It was known topaz mine in Saxony Ore Mountains.Currently, the largest deposits of topaz discovered in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Burma, in the Urals, in the Trans-Baikal region, Ukraine.Light blue topaz found in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England.

Sometimes there are very large crystals of topaz.Giant Topaz was found in one of the quarries in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil.It weighs five tons, and its cost is estimated at $ 15 million.In 1965, a top

az weighing over 100 kilograms was found in Ukraine.The largest faceted topaz - "Brazilian Princess" - is stored at the American Museum of Natural History.The stone weighs 4.3 kilograms.

When grinding colored topaz is most often used step-cut faceting or wedges for colorless topaz is the best diamond cut.Stones contaminated with various inclusions, polished cabochon.

Topaz resemble aquamarine, beryl, chrysoberyl, citrine, tourmaline, and even diamond.For example, the famous colorless topaz "Braganza" in 1640 carats, which is decorated with the Portuguese crown, has long been considered a diamond.

In the old Topaz was considered a talisman, releasing excess energy from violent and dangerous patients, stone enlightenment, is born in man serene pleasure, infidelity and anger drives away life.In the Middle Ages it symbolized the good works and wisdom.

has long been believed that the yellow topaz helps fertility in infertile women, treats liver disease, vision aligns with myopia, gives beauty and attractiveness of the girls, without exception, gives wisdom.

Golden Topaz - a talisman hedonists.It creates a mood of serene pleasures of life, sharpens the taste repels anger and prevents infidelity.he was born in November, brings the faithful friendship and love, from those who are born in May, it inflames the anger and violent fantasies.

Topaz sharpens the response to what is happening around a person develops the ability of foresight and intuition.With it, people can influence others, to subordinate them to itself, to expose the enemies and intrigues.Impact stone allows to foresee the intentions of the business partner or companion, and time to make the right decision.This is most important for ambitious Scorpios.

For the ability to influence others ancients called Topaz heavy stone.He obeys his will and inspire your thoughts.It might be thought too great - everything depended on the person who wore the stone.

Topaz is one of those stones with which black magic involved in making of the people "zombie" and inspire the distance your thoughts.

People believed that topaz able to subdue the storm, so going on a trip, the sailors took with them a ring with topaz.

Stone responsive to the attitude towards him of his master, in his appeals and requests.Owners topaz stone influenced easily replace anger at peace and tranquility, infidelity - on loyalty.

addition, Topaz - a good healing stone.He was called the stone of inner illumination and used by madness, insomnia, and the evil eye.If worn around the neck in a topaz silver frame, it will alleviate asthma symptoms, help to defeat gout and cure of epilepsy.

With prolonged wear, especially on the chest, topaz strengthens the immune system.In many chronic diseases, the use of amulets of topaz increases the effectiveness of other treatments.Use this stone as in the treatment of the throat, chronic inflammation of the tonsils and spinal diseases.

Topaz causes a person to be attentive to the surrounding events.Giving apprehension, it can badly affect the family life of a person is therefore contraindicated in large families.

To learn how to use the power of the stone, a person needs a long time to get in touch with him.Topaz has a very subtle energy, which is like a thread that binds the stone with a man.To configure it often requires post, silent, and any other form of restriction itself.

This stone is useful for everyone, especially the people of cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.It is also recommended that Scorpios and Cancers.Worse it is to fish, since because of it, they can get lost in the secret connections.It contraindicated wearing topaz Taurus, because it destroys their usual happiness.

recovering nickel silver topaz should be, which not only strengthens the inner world of its owner, but also enhances the good properties of the stones.

In India, pink topaz symbolizes hope, golden - help and friendship.In the European understanding topaz is a symbol of loyalty, spiritual purity, gentleness, tenderness, love and triumph.