Properties and mystery stones .Tourmaline

No other gem does not differ by such a variety of colors as the tourmaline, and each color has its own shade of stone nazvanie.- Ahroit (translated from Greek means "no color") - a rare colorless or nearly colorless variety of tourmaline.

- Vardelit (translated from Italian means "green stone") - the most common of tourmalines.The most valued emerald-green variety.

- Drava - the name comes from the field Drava in Austria.The color of the stone varies from tan to dark brown.

- indicolite - so named because of the occurring stones of various shades of blue.

- Rubellite (translated from Latin as reddish) color stones found from pink to red, but the most prized ruby-red stones.

- Siberia - got its name from the place of occurrence in Siberia, but was first found in the Urals.The stone has a deep-crimson, purple-red and red-violet color.

- Sherl - a black, a very common kind of tourmaline.Mainly used for mourning jewelry.

Along with self-colored stones are often found multicolored tourmalines.The dive

rse collection of stones can be found light-colored tourmaline crystals with a black "head of Moor" and the red "Turk head".Tourmaline "cat's eye" can be of different colors, but only green and pink strip of light discernible clearly.

tourmaline European history began with 1703, when tourmaline was introduced to Ceylon by the Dutch.

In ancient times, the most valuable are tourmalines from red color of various shades.In Russia, they were decorated with the salaries of icons and clothing, church vessels and royal regalia.

salaries XVI icons are stored in the Kremlin Armoury in. Decorated tourmalines.Immediately stored Panagia - cameo with the image of St. John the Baptist, surrounded by a filigree floral ornament, which is decorated with cherry-red tourmalines.At the end of the XVIII century began to arrive on the market in the Urals tourmalines, called "Ural rubies", which rather quickly became fashionable.

Tourmaline - one of the brightest and most beautiful stones.Its popularity has grown significantly in recent years, as many people either consciously or unconsciously tightened his inner strength.

Tourmaline like surrounds strong protective field.

magical properties of tourmaline varied.Raspberry tourmaline is considered a talisman of artists - it revives the creative powers of man and gives him recognition.Tourmaline green all absorb and cool.It can be worn only those who have reached 35 years.

Red and green tourmaline is a multicolored stone creative and erotic impulses.He is able to save his owner strength and youth.Black Tourmaline is a stone witches and wizards.The best exposure has red tourmaline, he is also the most magical.

considered most precious white tourmaline, although he is weak against impact forces.Under the influence of a transparent tourmaline people is growing both morally and physically, it becomes more resilient and courageous.Beads made of transparent tourmaline is very useful for business people and for those who want to become so.Band of this stone can be worn during the big, hard work, and in the days of special responsibility.

This stone can be a great mascot for the test in any field, for people involved in applied art forms for pilots and advertising agents.Kids better not to wear a tourmaline, because it shows their properties only in adults.Women as a mascot, this stone can be stored under the pillow, and men - it is better to wear in the pockets of his trousers.

Jewelry processed opaque tourmaline do not have most of these properties, as a mascot better to have this gem in the form of nuggets.

Astrologers called tourmaline stone associated with love, happiness and victory in love, but it applies only to men.It completely transforms the sexual energy, strengthens the marriage, childbirth stimulates and enhances male potency.However, for it can not wear a long time.

This stone is good Cancers and Scorpios, is ill-suited Capricorns and Virgos.

For Europeans, tourmaline is a symbol of amorousness, hopes and aspirations.