Properties and mystery stones .Jasper ( continued)

name stone comes from the Greek "jasper" (mottled), probably derived from the Arabic "yashb" Hebrew "yasfe" and Persian "jasper".Once in Russia the word "jasper" meant "spotted stone".At the dawn of mankind jasper used to make weapons, scrapers, and here in the Middle Ages jasper was the luxury item.The raw materials and products is transferred over long distances as part of the embassy and wedding gifts, including the spoils of war.Jasper was part of the decoration of churches, church utensils.

Painting jasper different richness and diversity of colors.Known uniformly colored (monochrome), banded, band, and spotted the most beautiful variegated jasper.Some have a complex pattern of jasper (landscape, risunchatye etc.).

Jasper is very appreciated in the East.The Koreans and the Chinese saw it as a symbol of the mysteries of existence.

Jasper symbolizes humility and courage.The peoples of ancient Europe believed that jasper gray gives wisdom, the foresight of the future, giving fortitude in moments of

trial.Wearing jasper with you can not be afraid of lightning, he would not be defeated in any battle or in disputations.

This stone is a wonderful talisman and amulet.Stone has properties to protect against the evil rock and bring happiness to drive away sad thoughts, merry heart, develop intelligence, improve memory, cure epilepsy and fever, to stop nasal bleeding, recuperate the body, to facilitate delivery, to sharpen the sense of smell.

Even the ancient Greeks associated with jasper to counteract poisons and heal all ills.Thus, the Byzantine Emperor Manuel gave the monastery on Mount Athos cup of jasper, which is said to have opposed the poison, and healed all diseases.

This stone is considered as a stone brave people.As an emblem of hardness jasper dedicated to St. Peter.In Georgia, we believed that some varieties of jasper given the ability to see the invisible.

Jasper need to wear Aquarius and Gemini - this is their stone.Business people jasper provide foresight, victory over rivals, prudence, firmness and eloquence.