Properties and mystery stones .Amber

guess that amber - a fossilized tree resin, was made by Pliny the Elder, the famous ancient historian Tacitus wrote: - "... amber, how easily you can see, there is nothing else like plant juice becausethere sometimes occur small animals and insects are enclosed in a liquid once more juice.The sun's rays cast out the juice, and the liquid dripping into the sea ".Among gem amber is one of the first places.His palette contains all colors of the rainbow.Mostly yellow and golden yellow, hence the term - "amber".In ancient times, especially prized white amber.It was believed that it contains fewer impurities and therefore has the best medicinal properties.

In China and Japan pochitali amber cherry color - "dragon's blood", it wearing members of the ruling dynasty.Roman Emperor Nero liked black amber.A rare and especially revered opalovidny is amber with a bluish tinge.Very beautiful amber orange and cream colored.On the Curonian Spit in the Baltic States are greenish amber.In Sicily, found a bright fiery amb

er color.Sometimes amber and gray.

Monochrome amber rare.Each piece has a lot of shades (of them from amber to 200-350).Amber is also valued for its transparency.Pliny the Elder considered the most expensive amber transparent property, luster of which must be such that, depending on the piece, "People have seen the reflection of the fire in it, rather than the fire itself."

most large piece of amber in the world - it is a stone "Burmese amber."It is stored in the Natural History Museum in London.

in the Kremlin Armory Museum stores more than 30 amber items relating to the first third of the XVII - the middle of the XVIII century.The pride of the Armoury are nine candlesticks Amber ..

In 1979, opened in Kaliningrad Amber Museum.His exhibition features over 2 thousand exhibits - findings from the Neolithic to the product of the Kaliningrad Amber Plant.A special place in the museum is occupied again made fragments of the Amber Room.This panel is made in one-fifth the natural size

three fragments of the lower part of the room panel in full size.

Amber Room - is a combination of individual parts, with a total area of ​​55 m2.By 1765, the Amber Room has been completely finished.She became one of the main attractions of the Catherine Palace.

Eventually Amber weathered, dark, amber so all parts of the Amber Room had to periodically refresh (restore).Another restoration began in 1940. Photos of panels and other parts have been made to be replaced.But before the war, the work did not have time to finish.The room could not be evacuated.It was demolished building a team of German soldiers and taken to Königsberg (Kaliningrad).In 1942 it was installed in one of the rooms of the royal castle.In the summer of 1943 the Amber Room was opened to the public.In the spring of 1945 the room again dismantled and hidden under Soviet offensive.Three days before the storming of the city - 6 April 1945 she was seen last time.The search for the Amber Room continue to this day.

Amber does not emit strong healing energy, but is able to deduce the disease from the body.To do this you need to put the pieces of amber on the sore spot, and amber absorb negative energy, help the body heal itself.Amber is often clouded, it becomes opaque, so you always have to clear amber after treatment.

Amber selected as talismans and amulets.This health and happiness stone, a talisman of love, capable of attracting to its owner object of affection.

Even in pre-Christian times, people thought that pieces of amber in small depressions spirits inhabit, so amber is very valued.

In ancient Rome amber products are pear-shaped or widely distributed in the form of a ram's head - to believe that these products provide fertility and successful hunt.Especially popular as Christmas gifts enjoyed figurines made of amber, depicting fruits, grains and animals.

The ancient Greeks give amber - meant to wish for happiness.They believed that this stone gives victory in battle, so much of the amber pieces in places of burial is fighting charms.

Amber since ancient times has been declared a panacea for all ills, especially white amber.It was believed that there is no such disease, from which the stone would not bring healing.He cures myopia and cataracts, heart diseases, angina, stops vomiting and hemoptysis, expels kidney stones and liver, promote urination.

The significance of amber in the medical practice, wrote another famous Roman physician Claudius Galen and Arabic scholar Ibn Sina.In the old books can be found more than a hundred recipes of medicines made from amber.

Amber strengthen abdominal organs, and drunk in the form of powder with water treating gastric ulcers.Pounded with pink butter or honey amber assisted in diseases of the ears and eyes, as well as treating cracks on feet.With amber can detect poison: in a glass of poison will cause amber iridescent shimmer sparks, accompanied by a bang.

Amber can be used for fainting, dizziness, bleeding, suppuration, tumors, severe cough, and tuberculosis, seizures, hysteria and hypochondria.This stone treats and prevents a number of women and colds, strengthens the loosened teeth.

believed that amber relieves from dementia, choking, fever, jaundice, helps with deafness, wrong metabolism, poisoning and diseases of the joints, cramps, colic and whooping cough in children.

At the same time it brings longevity and beauty of its owner.If a pregnant woman will always wear jewelery made of amber, waiting for her easy delivery.Also, this stone property attributed to comfort people.

This stone supports the optimism and the desire of the owner to make the right choices in love and friendship, but also enhances human intuition, contributing, inter alia, substantial people.

low grade amber found their application in various religious practices, as rock perfectly lit and exudes a pleasant smoke - incense, which fumigated newlyweds and newborns with the aim to give them a happy life.It is noted that under the influence of the smoke disappears asthma and cough

Amber has always been considered in many nations antidemonic amulet.There is a belief that if you hide in the folds of baby clothes a bead of amber, it is possible to successfully counteract the evil spirits.In Iran, the Shah by tradition always carried with him a necklace of amber, to avoid attempts on his life.In Burma, the children even now wear amulets in the form of amber frogs to protect against the evil eye.

Scotland believe that amber beads collected on red thread, repel witches and evil spirits.In Russia and Poland, nannies and wet nurses is required to put on the neck of a large amber necklace, because they believed that it not only gives the haze and purity of children's skin but also protects it from the evil eye and evil spirits, do not miss anything wrong from the nurse to the child bringshis strength and health.

Amber is a stone of creativity.It gives people faith,

optimism is also connected with the sport, physical strength and vigor, so it is recommended to wear amber for people prone to depression and suicide.

As a talisman Amber brings happiness born under the sign of Leo, the rest of it is not recommended to wear all the time.Contraindications he just born under the constellation of Sagittarius.

Amber never wear silver, only in gold or copper.It is believed that it should be worn as close to the neck.This stone symbolizes happiness and health.