Properties and mystery stones .Zircon

In antiquity zircons found in Ceylon, but often do not realize what kind of stone.Yellow zircons called "jargon", brown - "tsirkonitom", and a reddish-brown - "Hyacinth" .Giatsintom in Greek mythology called the unfortunate young man and the wild flower, which is then increased by blood killed.Very beautiful grass-green zircon, which is used in jewelry.

bluish-green stones are an example of the dazzling bright colors, which is rare in other gemstones.Beautiful and deep-red stones, although somewhat gloomy, and the stones of the marvelous golden-yellow color just did not find.Colorless zircons from the light nobility vying with diamonds.

Zircon is unique among the gems, because it has a very wide range of density of refraction.Zircon was known mainly due to the beautiful blue stone.

Pure blue zircons are not found in nature, and this color is obtained by heat treatment of certain crystals.All blue and golden yellow and colorless zircons, known now acquired their color through heat treatment of a reddi

sh-brown stone from Kampuchea.

Unfortunately, these stones become discolored over time, especially blue.Since the processing of these stones is conducted in Bangkok (Thailand), they are known by the misnomer "Siamese zircons" or "Siamese Aquamarine" (for the blue stones).

In ancient times believed that zircon can stop bleeding from the nose and the other, unless the injured person is not a stone or iron.It strengthens the heart and treats from the pestilence.

Russian medical manual of zircon say: - "Bechet (zircon) is a stone that a merry heart, and sorrow and dissimilar thought drives away, the mind and honor multiplies, by thunder and the enemy defends and from the deadly epidemic plague keeps pregnant women for an early birthchildren leads. "

According to the statement of astrologers, zircon is directly related to the exposure of deceptions, their prevention, taking action.In the hands of bad people, this stone is very dangerous, so it is also called stone assassins, rock mafia.

Zircon chosen mascot for any aggressive secret organization, as well as magic.He is revered in the Order of Freemasons, which is considered one of the most favorite stones.Thus, the Grand Master of the Masonic Order has to wear a ring with zircon on the ring finger of his left hand.

This stone teaches a person to enjoy life, be happy at this moment in time, live in the present, to feel the space of each cell of the body and find this warm, clear stream of inspiration.

Stone helps a person to solve the most subtle signs sent by the Guardian Angel, to understand the language of animals and plants, to get answers to any questions in everyday events.

Zircon - a microscope for life: the stone if there is the ability to help to look at all the details and the details of any situation and to see the connection between the parts.

It is a good assistant in any human studies.He does not classify people, all of its owners for him - the children.Stone is equally good for people of all professions, nationalities and ideologies.On the physical level it helps dolechit any disease and get rid of the effects of nerve disorders.

In real life zircon - the concentration of stone that helps a person to turn their attention inward.Zircon can be dangerous, as it strengthens the independence of man, it makes him vain, others hate, gives a sense of superiority.

It is suitable for people with doubts, torments, because it strengthens the belief in themselves.This stone of Capricorn, it is also good for Libra and Taurus - it gives them self-confidence and invincible force.

Not suitable zircon Pisces, as it closes them in himself and deceives them.Worse, he and Rakov, because it makes them strong selfish.

Since zircon is associated with Neptune and Saturn forces, it is recommended to put in order in silver.