Properties and mystery stones .Aquamarine

Aquamarine - green-blue or bluish transparent beryl, gets its color due to the iron content of impurities.there is a place in the old "Book glagolemaya Greek alphabet", "Virillos (beryl in Old Russian) - stone honest tacos refer to as, the type izekr (blue) is."But Beryl is not blue - the color blue is aquamarine, which belongs to the varieties of beryl.According to ancient legend, this gem is protected seafarers while traveling.

to stones found in the Urals and Trans-Baikal, is characterized by shades of blue in the Ilmen mountains - blue-green.Most often aquamarine colored evenly distributed but painting them in the zones.

Aquamarine "Marambayya" from Brazil, weighing over one hundred kilograms and a length of 0.5 meters, the center is colored blue, the edges - light green, and in between - yellow, was sawed for the manufacture of cut stones.

known that began with 1699, when the first stone discovered in the Urals in Russia, mining of aquamarine.Aquamarine massoy 82 kilograms was found in 1796, in

the Trans-Baikal region.One of the largest known Brazilian aquamarine stones "Kachasina" (62 kilograms), "Marta Rocha" (34 kilograms), "Etrelles Dalva" (22 kilograms).The largest of the faceted aquamarine - is American Indian and stones up: first - 900 carats (180 grams), and the second - 134 (26.8 grams).

In ancient times, aquamarine was used for the manufacture of amulets, improve eyesight, cooling and calming passion hurricanes and storms.Since ancient times it was considered an amulet of sailors.Talisman of aquamarine provide the owner safety in sea travel and the victory in the sea battles.In addition, he served as the mascot of eternal friendship, prudence and eloquence.

Since ancient times, aquamarine was considered a talisman, healing the stomach, liver, helps against toothache.He is a symbol of wisdom, passion cools, soothes too violent emotions.

Europeans perceive aquamarine, as a sign of courage, Indians - wisdom.

Astrologers recommend aquamarine stone associated with the Moon in Pisces, to strengthen the human spirit and expose lies.Dishonest people wearing aquamarine contraindicated, or any cheating that person will inevitably be revealed.

Aquamarine gives the ability to comprehend the mysteries hidden in the most ordinary at first glance, things.He is one of the most powerful stones of magic, as it can expose any astral deceptions.Also aquamarine strengthens human spirituality, gives the owner an emotional understanding of the world.

Aquamarine helps a person to direct the energy of primitive desires in a constructive direction.He teaches us to live without the "energy waste".Aquamarine ensures that the thoughts, desires, and human actions are consistent with the moral laws of society.If it does not, the stone begins to engage in cleaning the human body.

Spirit aquamarine brings new levels of human cognition, showing many ways to read and understand the information.Aquamarine is just and wise, he is a teacher and judge at the same time.

Aquamarine helps a person assess his position properly, to understand themselves and to draw conclusions about future plans.With aquamarine easier to quit smoking, drinking, give up meat and bread, forget about obsessive thoughts and feelings.Aquamarine seems to say: - "Hurry up to become a man."

This stone is useful for all, except extremely active, energetic people.They are not operating, closing within itself its energy.Aquamarine is very intelligent and selective.On the physical plane, it helps human body to distribute and redistribute energy, and as a mascot can be a major benefit, the acclaimed scientist.

Aquamarine can be worn by Pisces and Cancers.It is not suitable it is for the Scorpions, as in this zodiac sign the Moon is in the fall.Scorpio stone can bring misfortune, as it poses an impossible task - never speak untruth.

Twins this stone is absolutely contraindicated.