Properties and mystery stones .Diamond

name the most famous gemstone comes from the Greek "Adamos", which means invincible or indestructible, and the Arabic "Almas" - tverdeyshiy.Pervye diamonds were found in India.From ancient Indian sources, it follows that it was about three thousand years before our era.The most ancient archaeological monument is considered to be an ancient Greek statue in bronze (the creation - 480 BC), whose eyes made of diamonds Indian origin.

associated with India first known legends about diamonds and their initial classification.According to the ancient Hindus, diamonds are formed from "the five began to nature": earth, water, sky, air and energy.

Brilliant - a cut diamond.Natural crystals rarely have the form of a regular polyhedron.Usually their faces are not the same, have cracks, buildup, debris.Therefore, in crystals often do not have the play of light, which they acquired after cutting.

Diamond exception of strong refraction and reflection of light falling on it has another very important property of optic

s: refractive indices for rays of different colors.The degree of difference in refractive index for light violet and red rays of diamond is about 5 times higher than that of rock crystal.This diamond crystals are easily decomposed white light into its component colors of the rainbow.Therefore, the stone appears colored in different colors depending on which side it look and arrangement of the light source.

In antiquity and the Middle Ages were attributed to a variety of mystical diamond properties.He was considered a powerful talisman that provides its owner with strength, courage and invincibility in battle.Also, the ancients believed that the diamond is able to neutralize the effect of the magnet on iron, that he defies the impact of heavy objects, but softened in the warm blood of the goat.One of the worst poisons was considered a diamond powder.

Diamond, as well as pearls, emerald, moonstone, was considered an effective tool in the fight against high temperature, inflammation, jaundice, infections, vomiting and enlargement of the liver.

Egyptians differently understood the diamond.For them, it symbolized the firmness, courage, courage, victory over sickness and pain, loyalty, persistence, leadership, glitter, high social status, light, joy, prosperity, pride, and material success.In the Indian understanding of the diamond it appears as a symbol of chastity.

Astrologers believe very dangerous diamond stone.However, it does not need to be afraid of - it just requires attention and care in getting along with them.Diamond will give the owner happiness only if a person will receive any initiation, as well as the stone goes by inheritance or as a sign of power.

Best of all, if a person receives a diamond as a gift.Good effect it has on the descendants of the ancient names - these people can work and deal with it calmly.

Diamond - the most precious of stones.It is believed that it brings to their owners success, protects them from injuries and illnesses, gives courage and bravery in battle.He gives victory over the enemies, if a person's rights.This stone prevents binge, excessive fantasies, sorrows, witchcraft and evil spirits.Small diamond sewn into clothes, protects against the evil eye and evil spell.It brings virtue, courage, casts sinful thoughts, opposed diabolical delusion, protects motherhood.

The strength of diamond charms tames anger, to which most prone Aries.Because of their impulsiveness, pronounced due to a fire sign, Aries can have a bad heart, so the diamond as a stone associated with the energy of the sun, it will be for them a good heart tonic.

Brilliant as a mascot to be worn on the left hand on the ring finger or around your neck so that it touches the skin (usually it enhances its effect).Diamond gives its owner the extraordinary power, but only if he acquired it by fair means.

in diamond lies tremendous power, since it is the first stone of the zodiac.He sets the rhythm of the whole, reflecting a whole Zodiac, and being as it were a huge coiled energy.Solar energy in conjunction with the concentrated energy of the diamond makes this stone, which may not work every man.

most detrimental consider diamonds with black patches.This stones or black magicians, or terrible misfortune, passing not only on humans but also on his descendants as a family curse.

Different color diamonds have different magical properties.The colors correspond to the different diamond Sun incarnation.Red diamond is associated with a red magic, the cleansing of the astral plane, and with a victory over all astral spirits.Diamond red is associated with the element of Fire.

yellow diamond is associated with the element of Air and various rituals.He was the favorite stone of the ancient priests and priests.People who have nothing to do with religion, should not wear it.

Blue Diamond corresponds to the magical powers of Water helps to disclose secrets, secrets kind of karma, working on their own karmic program.This stone is good to wear to those who know how to work with their biorhythms and adjusts the program of his horoscope.

Diamond knows the purpose of humanity and the task of each individual.And he readily helps everyone to perform its task, leads man to his goal.Diamond despises lazy and ignorant, stone strives to teach people how to live without errors.

It is best to wear a diamond ring.It configures the person to achieve the noble objectives, helps the body get rid of toxins, nullifying the headaches and lower back pain.

Rings with diamond may be the talisman close to politicians.Earrings with diamond reveal hidden in human nature strangeness.For example, a diamond makes its owner to work on your old slips and flaws.

diamond bracelet in action is very similar to its action in the ring, but here the contact with the stone lighter - the stone does not press on the man, and works from the inside, like a spring.Pendant or diamond necklace zovet all for the same purpose - to awaken the soul, but by the constant orientation of human change.

diamond in the neck or chest turns a man's head, showing the diversity of life.This diamond is trying for a short while the human mind can be greatly expanded, to show him the truth of life and the truth of being.

As a talisman, the diamond is good for all the people of intellectual labor.Philosophers better not wear a diamond on the body, and keep it on your desktop.People engaged in the hard work, because of the physical exertion will communicate with diamond in a low voice.

White Diamond can be worn by all, but to get used to it, especially if it was inherited.Bought a diamond worn very badly.It will take at least nine years before he will get used to humans.Wear it can not occur more than once a month.

Stolen diamond brings misfortune.Even if he will get used to a person, the power of its manifest only in its third generation.

Thus, diamonds are more suitable to the use of magic, than everyday real life.