Properties and mystery stones .Obsidian

Natural glass known as obsidian, formed as a result of rapid cooling of lava.If the cooling of lava flows slowly turns rock composed of quartz, feldspar and slyudy.Obsidian often quite dark, so it appears black and opaque, and then it is called "Obsidian Black".There are gray, yellow, brown and red varieties.Obsidian inhomogeneous structure with strips or blots arising during crystallization, there are also small internal bubbles that are formed during separation of water vapor in the crystallization process.

Obsidian as ordinary glass, able to split into pieces with sharp cutting edges.This property is used by primitive people for making household items and weapons.In Mexico, we found a lot of mirrors, masks, figures, axes, knives, arrowheads and spears made of obsidian.

obsidian Extensive development, leading its origin from the ancient times, there are still in the state of Hidalgo, known developments in the state of Guerrero.Deposits of obsidian are located on the islands of Lipari and Volcano to

the north of the island of Sicily, as well as in Yellowstone National Park in the United States.

Obsidian - is a stone that can in real life protected from any improper behavior, stopping the person who is going to commit a sin.Although he keeps from sin, but can not protect a person from damage.

Since obsidian - a caution stone, wearing it for too long can make a person not just cautious, but even cowardly.

Obsidian - a magical stone.Mage, it is used for the concentration of power and victory over the natural astral spirits, their subordination.

When choosing frames for Obsidian should be guided by the fact that this stone is associated with Pluto forces of Saturn and Uranus, so you should use a nickel silver.

Obsidian advised to wear all the signs of Fire, except Aries.Lions, Gemini and Aquarius stone gives the necessary discipline in the work.Easy to wear and it can Scorpions Libra.Cancers and Virgos he could quickly make overly cautious and indecisive.The rest of the signs he is indifferent.

Black Obsidian should only be used when a person aware of his strength, and he is ready for the changes that will cause the stone.Stone will reveal the truth within each person and the whole universe, the life of which we are.