Brilliant "Hope" - the cursed jewel

cloudless windy day April 10, 1912 on its maiden voyage went to one of the most elegant and majestic ships in history.It was called "Titanic."

On board the "Titanic" was more than two thousand people, including more than 50% were passengers.Among them were quite a few wealthy and famous people.Also, besides the usual cargo, the ship transported tsennaya manuscript "Rubayt" Omar Khayyam in the cover, dressed unusual beauty gems.From jewelry, the property of the tourists must mention blue diamond "Hope", which belonged to a wealthy American couple.

As everyone knows, after 4 days after leaving - 14 April - "Titanic" ran into a large iceberg and sank in 2 hours 40 minutes.The disaster claimed the lives of more than a thousand people.

Special Commission of Inquiry found that the main reason was a terrible event disregard irresponsible attitude of the ship's captain to the numerous warnings about icebergs, coming through the wireless.Nobody even thought direct view of the many unusual details surrounding

the case.

For a start it must be said that the ship narrowly escaped the crash immediately after leaving, when in close port it almost crashed into an American ship.But the ship was an excellent team under the command of the famous captain Smith.Plus own "Titanic" at that time was literally riding engineering and is recognized as unsinkable.

Hosts diamond "Hope", acquired the stone in London at an auction, did not begin to wonder why in the day of departure of the ship, he did not shine, as always, and the period through its delightful blue clearly slipped reddish fire.If a rich couple were aware of how detrimental effect had cursed jewel on the fate of the old owners, whether they would hardly dare to take the diamond itself, and certainly would never have taken it with him on a voyage.

history cursed diamond "Hope" is a colorful truth, not fiction its mysterious properties that it is impossible to explain from the perspective of a real exact science.This amazing diamond came to Europe in 1642.He has delivered the famous traveler Zh.B.Taverne.

before faceting gem pulled at 112.5 carats, but after it fell by almost three times.Note that while a diamond in Europe arrived, the plague, took a great many lives.After some time, a jewel fell into the hands of Marie Antoinette Queen of France, to no small hunter diamonds.And what fate befell the Queen?She was beheaded in 1793.A friend of the deceased - Princess Lambella, who wore a cursed diamond is not even a very long time, ended his life by violent death.

In 1830 bought the damn jewel banker Henry Philip Hope.Himself banker spared death, but his son had been poisoned.In addition, the grandson of Philip lost his rightful inheritance.At the dawn of the last century, the family got rid of the diamond.He has found a new owner in the face of Iranian merchant jewelery.Once again, the diamond is not forced to wait long - the trader committed suicide.

Then the owner of the diamond "Hope" became a wealthy Russian Kanitovsky Prince, who lived in Paris.Divine stone he took for mistresses - the dancers Ludo.During the performance at the theater, where she starred, Kanitovsky shot her with a pistol, and another two or three days further he was attacked by the killer.

dramatic departed from this world more than one owner of the cursed jewel.Thus, the Egyptian seaman died in the sea, and the Turkish Sultan Abdullah Hamid II lost Sultanate.Not saved his mistress, possessing a cursed diamond.The Americans, acquired a fatal stone, son crushed by car, while the daughter closed her eyes forever due to overdose of sleeping pills.

And again, referring to the fate of the famous "Titanic", willy-nilly, think - well, it was also some kind of supernatural effect on the mind of the ship captain, when he is not slowing down, and totally unaware of the alarm alerts, a stupid and inexplicable obstinacyHe led his ship to crash at his place ...