Magic and Gold

Gold, being the equivalent of cash, many people make rich and powerful.But there are many people who, because of gold lost their lives or earned big trouble.Beautiful, noble metal gives happiness and at the same time destroys the fate ...

And what on this subject says the magic?

In terms of total gold bionergetiki suitable for 10-15 percent of the population.

Yes, that's right.Do not be surprised.This is confirmed by a non-traditional method of electro-diagnostics, as the technique of Dr. Voll.According to practical experience, the majority of the population wears gold ornaments for their own harm.Moreover, if gold is not projected on the specific active point or channel, the impact mainly common, and if, say, a woman wearing a ring on the fourth finger of the hands, where the channel of the endocrine system, it can receive a negative effect on the ovary, adrenal gland, mammary glandthe party concerned.Functional infertility cases sometimes occur if the woman has a massive engagement ring, which she

energetically unsuitable.And vice versa.If necessary, the wearing of the metal you can get tangible benefits to health.

Let me tell you a secret.Gold metal raw form actually neutral in all respects and areas.But such a science as homeopathy even two hundred years ago opened a wonderful way as a dynamization, which allowed both to call the hidden healing powers from the neutral substances, including metals.It turns out that the gold in the form of homeopathic able to influence the sphere of life and death.

That is in gold by the Lord God lies in the ability to stimulate the human urge to commit suicide!Yes Yes.I'm not wrong.

Of course, this does not mean that everyone wearing gold necessarily at risk to end up in such a terrible way, but if you have an innate predisposition to this in his mind, it is quite the real thing.And what says about the native Slavic magic?

can not be the bride at the wedding of his mother to use a wedding ring, or married life will be unhappy.

can not crowns of gold taken from the dead man, to make an engagement ring.

can not be of a wedding ring belonging dead person, do your teeth.This will entail a great deal of trouble.

Gold ring spouse used for magical purposes in damage, which is called "nestoyachka".The meaning of it is that a man becomes unable to perform sexual intercourse.

Ring can help patients teeth.Take your wedding ring, hang it on a string, put it in a jar of water and seven times to make a circle in a clockwise direction, then pull out.At the time of the ritual to whisper: "How are you, gold, water does not spoil, its color does not change, so let my teeth do not deteriorate and there will always be white and healthy."This water to rinse your mouth with gingivitis and caries.To enhance the effect can preset the water add one grain of gold any homeopathic dilutions.

As for the other precious jewelry, it is also necessary to be careful with them.This is especially true of things is not new, second-hand.The fact that gold has a very good memory power, writes in his aura is not only the features of the personality of its previous owner, but also features its fate.And if life was not particularly lucky person, I had explicit or implicit serious problem, always, there is a risk transfer negative information in the field of the new owner.

I would like to mention another interesting phenomenon.Its essence lies in the fact that metal purification rituals with salt, water, fire, burying in the ground in respect of gold jewelry is not always effective.Sometimes it did not help even melting.Typically, metals lose their stored information, passing into the liquid state, but the gold - an exception.That is why magic warns against such cases.

To avoid trouble, it is better to buy for yourself or to give only the new articles of gold.

First than to wear the ring, earrings, necklaces and other gold jewelry, it is necessary to say the following plot: "Gold, zolotushko in you the power of the sun How do you kings, kings did great and rich, and I, the servant of God (name!.), make the wealthy and powerful. so be it! ".Speak need to whisper seven times.In this pose as the sun sends its warm, gentle rays of jewelry.