Translation rule or broken phone

day "Week" newspaper held polushutochny, poluserёzny experiment to find out what changes undergoing the text after translating it into other languages.To participate professional translators have been involved in the experiment.Each of the guest, perfectly knowing two related languages, was to take the text and by shifting it to another language, convey the following from his colleagues.

For the original was taken an excerpt from "The Tale of how quarreled Ivan Ivanovich and Ivan Nikiforovich»: She (Agatha Fedoseyevna) gossiping and eating boiled beetroot in the morning, and excellent good cursing, - and when all these various classesher face for a minute did not change his expression that can usually show only one woman .

translators received the text, set to work.Initially, in the English and German versions, little has changed.But after going through the Japanese, French and Indonesian languages ​​(the latest personal pronouns he and she are designated by the same word), and then through the Dut

ch and Turkish, the phrase has been transformed since:

While woman eating liquidbeet broth, let go of curses, the man engaged in chatter.They did so without showing their feelings, as it is in women.

But the most creative approach to business Sudanese, pereinachit specific concoction of beet on the total concoction of fruits of the earth and, on the contrary, the general chatter engaged in a specific boasted his imaginary exploits.In turn, when translated from the language of Yoruba to English fruits of the earth turned into the fruit, and the expression of boasting feats was handed an English idiom beat the drums.

remains quite a bit."What is a liquid concoction of fruit?- Thoughtful connoisseur two languages ​​simultaneously - African tribe Bambara and French.Yes this is not nothing but a compote! "Well, where drums, tom-tom and there (is this African drum).

And then came the final phase of the experiment - a comparison of the most recent translation from the original language.After passing through the hands of at least two dozen translators, Gogol phrase transformed into these ridiculous line:

After drinking the juice, she threw the junk out of the hut, and he happily scored in tom-tom.

Of the 35 original words to finish it's only one thing: it is a personal pronoun, and the meaning of the phrase was lost completely!