"I will conjecture "

I will conjecture

Last leaf adorns the calendar,
flashed outside the windows pre-fireworks.More
quite a bit and already in January -
We do not interrupt the inexorable running minutes.
Do not expect miracles from this night, I do not.
Like all non-festive ....Well, ten minutes ...
By Leaflets I present a lighted candle -
On offense it all, and stupid, "I'm sorry."
sorry for each day that is lived without you, for lying
replacing the word "yes" to the word "no",
Because saying "do not like" love,
trying to erase from the light of life.
Chimes ... measured strokes being ... I will conjecture
you loyal friends ...
And that was your family happy ...
That everything went well with the daughters ...
Let the good will and a year to your father,
and touches the chill of the January cold.A tear rolled down
transparent face -
happened to be waterproof mascara ...
I for myself almost nothing to be desired.
you wish for both of us, okay?
And you know, I'm a little sad to let
One light year in wh

ich you found me ...

If you have not found a

If you could think of,
Whatever then happened to me?
not smile ... wait a minute -
Let me come up with myself!
If you could think of,
You would love another?
I, unknown, alien,
sadly have to these eyes ...

If I could think of,
You would love another,
And the love she whispered,
and hugging under the moon ...
If I could think of,
Found'd probably such, what
no longer wanted
In his dreams about me.

If you could think of,
I would not know about happiness,
Can someone else
Close relatives and me to be?
If you could think of,
Whose power would be right now?
He's calling his wife,
You would love stronger?

If I could think of,
Life was easier for us to have both,
No one would have dared to condemn -
legitimate every marriage.
And I'd consorted with her mother in law,
And you would for a son of Tiffany ...
... And you give
daughter I would not like that.

If you could think of,
I would not believe it ...
heart be torn there,
Where without me you live ...
No, not mad passion,
And do not curse the poet ...
This fact, however, the trouble -
know that you do not expect me ...

If we had not found,
heart tired to fight.
No, do not kiss ... not now ...
Give me, my love, say:
If we had not found,
I turned to the bird -
Light your loving eyes
to find you helped ...