swing bridges over the abyss:
Falling into the abyss - What a fright!
But there is a reliable bridge, iron,
What response will gain the hearts.

No, this iron is not appropriate!-
mystical, magical bridge
fear of the fact that the depth of
Promises, confusing poor brain.

Vaughn Bridge over golden river -
Power gang up his cartilage
Vail, pedestrian, to rest
You - Bring your children.

Yes, this bridge is reliable.I believe.
And that?I do not know what to say.
excitement of open doors,
Kohl hear ringing step soldiers.

Bridge resonate - and Amba,
Soldiers no longer go.
yelling, bareheaded, a woman -
How evil was over the route.Total

important bridge that
persistently building to you the stars -
connected with a corridor
your dreams.


Do not despair and do not greatly rejoice,
a bridge - and not only on rivers:
What, think, rainbow,
How not to bridge?And
afraid nobody.


Bridge stretch spinal
Dan, look, over yarkoyu river.
on it and a plasma-life flows,
And the gap for not waiting.


Bridge sounds like a flight over the abyss,
beauty of this music!And
appear futile longing -
void its emptiness ...


bridges and bridge through
word connected - and how?
Cool blinded each skull,
brain sometimes delay the darkness.

Bridge takes you
in the distance - no matter how bright it?
brief bridge.And many vesёn
Waiting - when did your spring.


Beauty bridges.Powerful fastening,
steel cartilage chain decorum.
Way more important without doubt
Targets way - beyond words and formulas.


Bridge, followed by the quarter, its homes,
Grey River is very boring.

transition - no rush - the bridge.
Patina on the posts, il moss?

gray bottom shiny water.
I throw myself into it not ever.


Bridge with sculptures beautiful -
looks at you stone blind.
but expectations
prospects sometimes quite ridiculous.

Ile in the water look
kings and knights, clothed with glory?
Invisible, clear.Black series,
Illustrious its power.

(... homemade dog lives
So sweet, all for him - with love ...)
with such a head-thought
Bridge anguish his bear.

And suddenly remembered
mostok over a tiny rivulet of blue.He
wobbly - hear the voice?-
I'm afraid, I'm afraid of strong lines.

invisibly bridges between people,
Though studied for years you
their device, and all are robeesh,
engage someone in conversation.
at him at point-blank look
Besides, alas, did not dare.