"Above the city..."


sluggishness fall this time -
No snow in time, no cold, no light,
warm winter shamelessly naked,
ascended the throne without looking up ...
The advisers not blizzards and rain
whispers wet ideas,
and not cold - voiced in April
Dream generals and leaders.
And somewhere behind the stripe forests
cheekbones on a firm leash snowstorm,
They would have flown without permission,
Like white pack of fierce dogs.But
rivers cut off the path -
Ice is not securely bound transitions,
And it seems that the fall last year,
Curling gray snake on his chest.
And on no breath and no breath
Does not make tired planet,
There was a note of a late sunrise,
rain Caught unawares.
And even that soon the New Year
will break into the world of sparklers
not happy - and it can contact
actually does not happen?
Still dreaming shore -
fluffy snow will hide the ground shawls,
It promised the first snowflakes,
What this fall to us - not forever ...

over the city

Above the town the snow-cove

over the cityzavyuzhennym,
on snow, winter effeminate,
All night the rain poured a cold.
He beat in the closed window,
He asked me to let him in,
And that - then suddenly forgotten
At the heart of the shadow I laid down.
called me from dreams of random your voice?
and rain, drops ringing,
came to take me with you ...
sorry - he whispered through the window,
Forget - shouted, jumping up off ...
Cold rain
Your image returned the night.

Snow fell

Snow fell all morning - white-white
Covering branch and home,
I looked out the window and drew a matter between
frost on you.There
frozen glass near frames,
Apparently walked drafts,
Blok portrait Beautiful Lady
graphics went on the verses.
Morning breaks through bars,
light seeping into the room,
And from the studs up your hairstyle
obtained thin silhouette.
Matt illusory foundations,
Like a white canvas on the ground,
And while we do not even know -
I'll draw on the window.
So graceful motion path,
as if in a dance soared two wings,
And your hair thick slip
Caught touch of heat.
Caught wrist fleetingly,
taken captive eyelashes those eyes ...
How loud you and laughed with carefree
glass now!
I admire, not anything I correct,
And the dream that you love, you alone
I will not leave here -
melted your breath ...