"Snow is falling..."

Happy New 2010 Year!

When strikes chimes on time,
And Tiger paw
touch soft carpet spread out snow -
will come two thousand and ten.

Let this year will bring you
Get plenty of sunlight,
heavenly gifts - to the legs,
smile every dawn.

Let it be your footprint in the snow
long life, longer than a century ...
Let you warm in the wind
Love loved one.

troubles and happiness all the luck Let
will break in the tenth year,
And so you always lucky
In this life striped!

Well, here's another

Well, here's another involuntary loss -
I'm out of the cage vyschelkayu year,
mentally count up (especially in disbelief):
only squad to stay out of the front of my years?
Of course, I hope to be rounded, and
folded finger instead of two,
Again the memory of the last shoot,
minutes counting aloud.
Of course, I'm so cowardly coward,
Deleting the post with "sixty",
and trust - may my soul
climb up not in a hurry?
So monotonously waving arrows wings,
Clicks seconds drops height,
My conscience does not forgive more deals,
and often burn the beauty ...
I do not cook drinking from belladonna,
No, I do not need this sweet poison,
I just your eyesalways bottomless,
And only with you lips say.
I understand everything - until the crumbs,
remaining half halves,
Is it because I am afraid a little bit?
not I in my heart because one?
And while ruthlessly attacking,
and drinks during the mirror,
And on glass slides and glare
sweaty windows fresh tears ...
I looked at the slip bands,
I have this life only began to understand,
You know, I our
relations Uptears, not to be missed in the sky ...?


Snow is an eternity,
whole year does not end the night,
I look through the window into infinity -
swam my year off.
Fly away, lost sounds,
Voices of people dear to me -
Less meetings and more separation ...
saw his guests to the door.
twilight from the window to the hallway -
emptiness, peace and quiet,
And from the mirror who - somewhat similar,
As from the past, waving.
Previously, it was, like, clearly,
Sky - above the air - light,
And, perhaps, running became short lived
These days easily.
I certainly older and simpler:
Network wrinkles under his eyes, his mouth.
Life autumn rain washes and rinses
all thoughts from the sheet.
I thee sick more often, I
increasingly bite his lip,
And someday, deaf
night I'm probably still going to die.
Wake me serene morning,
Cast out this sticky sadness,
Maybe I like it - it will help -
... I open my eyes and wake up?