" Draw a sketch of a ghost ... "

Hello ... Happy New Year!

cozy chair and a blanket -
approximate girl in white.
Neither sorrow, nor, in general, poor,
And life is wonderful, the whole ...
"on my father's daughter"
From the mirror, old friend.
see "Carnival Night",
In plans - a step out of the house ...

With reproach myself smile -
is impossible in this holiday - sad!
erase undue sadness,
and exhale, "I really miss."
hair and silk on the shoulders,
-pearls Earrings in his ears.Today
night by candlelight -
means that the simpler - the better.
-changing "Hypnose"
On the trail of pine needles and tangerines,
thinking (for the first time - seriously),
What I would like ... with you ...

Champagne ... I do not ...
Tradition - is necessaryso it is necessary ...
and arrows tend to zero,
Under negligence view ...

will pass New Year's Eve,
deciding what is true.
"on my father's daughter"
suddenly remembered that she was not fifteen,
and pick up a few numbers ...
Beep ... (God, not past!)
and the tube gently shepnёt:
"Greetings From ...Happy New Year, darling! "

Zavyuzhenny house

Zavyuzhenny house at the very edge of ...
showered ash from the fireplace grates ...
brewed tea into two different clubs:
Your black, and my - with the scent of jasmine.
In the warm floor with bare feet,
Quietly, a kitten on your lap.
And it seems that all is not with us, but
silently on the walls merge shadows ...
Album ... Faleristics ... Hundreds
questions and accurate answers.And I wonder ...
Oh, the snow outside the window suspiciously Rozov ...
- who is there for an hour?I've listened to, honestly ..
Merry: - Rogue!- Crystals
laughter in the eyes of loved ones ... And the walls will affect
Vibrant, soft, gentle echo
... I dream?Of course, I still dream about it ...
And tomorrow again ... mess congratulations,
Friends ... and yours and mine - interspersed.
the evening - again on your lap
And whisper - You're going to drink tea, a sweet tooth?
not going, bet? .. I catch your lips
For a moment before answering.What?Any ...
Alarm ... a minute more, though one would ...
And suddenly I did not dream anymore?So scary ...

Draw ghostly sketch

Draw ghostly sketch of frost on the glass,
Gleanings ice magic term in flowers ...
I looked thoughtfully out of the window, a frozen warm,
And I repeat to myself,"I just need you" ...
off again today.Everything goes wrong.
swirling blizzard head banal words:
I miss you so much ... It was only the sound of the heart
Reminds sometimes I'm still alive ...
would take something yourself ... garlands, tinsel -
decorated house onChristmas.Though somehow distracted.
Mother says: "Early" and I podmignёt father: "It's time," Let
through force, but he answered me smile.
Transparent glass ball not hold in your hand -
He smashed to pieces, torn from a height ...
whisper: "to happiness!", And perhaps somewhere in the distance,
You will smile, whispered: "Happiness - ityou "...