We're going home
and soar above the earth
We sometimes like languor
Ile like rain and thunderstorms
We are ready to hide
Clouds of tear
And sometimes Vita
In the shadowsLet us dreams of
so we spin
and not a day or two to pack
While cling
not come it is time!
And then this pack
lead us to a
only remain in the sky
Next transparent so
Only here, this pack
Whose then?My or not?
Maybe I'll leave
in the sky with her black trail ....
Maybe I was destined
crawl rather than fly
Well then I can embrace their land

Or I
absorb oxygen from the water
It still liveI
this no trouble ...
If I were a fish il bird
man or not
anyway, I leave in my life
own trail ...
Each of us leaves a footprint
and repeat this trail no
Eachfrom our hearts ignites
Returning again to leave a trail


the part I take a look at yourself
Everything seems the same: the ears, the nose, the eyes ...
Words from the heart are the same say
Bad did not say anything
Then where did the worm of doubt
That year I sharpens and gnawing
Or deliverance - only death
Or maybe just one, it will help?
Who am I?What for?And why?
I am the son of God!After all, I am his creations
And somewhere, that he gave me, I do not understand
And to look for one torment
But the truth after all born in the throes?
The road searches and all my doubts
I know, I just help her
After wandering in the maze of opinions

I prepare me to the great transition
All cargo "Exodus" the taking
Then I Cosme will attain freedom
universe soul hisembracing
cleared energy crystals
and rearrange I'm your dense world
Earth I abandoned all fun
Creator - was, is and will be my idol
and with him one day meet again, perhaps
talk together as the Son with the Father
understand my life, the universe, heI will not help
I consider myself a fool
in the meantime ... I sit here thinking .. ..
and because no such words to tell ..
Sometimes, in such distances flying .......
Try... And you can understand ....

Star waltz

Star waltz - we dance together
Star waltz - look forward
Star waltz - we are under the night sky
Star waltz -has melted like smoke
two of us - we were circling the carousel
two of us - in the yard so April
two of us - far and near
two of us - we are at one
sky circling us - the warm wind
spring circling us - summer air night
circlingus - a carousel-leaf
Circling us - winter sleep-snow
we'll go - on the celestial path
we will come - you came to me I've come
two of us will find their own happiness
Star waltz we dance together ...