" Just something and you need ... "


- Do not you dare feel sorry for him, he is doomed.
mentor whispering cold soul ...
- Forget about love - it has nothing to do with it.
You listen to me, my girl.Listen ...
See how the night sky glows,
frosty serenity dreams hiding ...
Watch as measured time passes ...
Why, obnoxious, again about Kai ?!
Leave him Gerda - it is too hot,
And you ice.Touches - Rastan.Snow Princess
have no right to cry,
But you're all snowflakes with cilia or drop ...
Well me for mount - a stubborn daughter ?!
After you born for crystal throne.
Forget love, I can not help -
Warm winter in the kingdom is law.

... And tears of Princess - shimmering snow,
circling blizzard, playing in the sun.Their
somewhere lips caught the man,
do not look like a fool Kai ...
What happened next - guess nowhere,
have appeared sad tale finale:
course, the Princess had come to him.
... In the palm memory, heart crystal.

Snow beating at the windows

Snow beating at the windows in December moths,
flies into the light of holy love, defying danger.You
me his name was still not in vain.According
body shiver ran through ownership
Tom that again.And that's not for us -
His passion before God betrothed.
newly imagined in glass full face familiar,
And you sighs deeply and doom ...
I fancied you, there is a long time for me here, covered with snow
memory, buried a "love to the grave."In an overlap
street light freezes,
lamp blood spreading through the snowdrifts ...
November 2001.

Teddy Bear ... Faded Rose ...

Teddy Bear ... Faded Rose ...
Dimensional ticking of the old clock.
Memory weaves
crystal tears in delicate lace bitter words ...
Memory - cruel, evil friend.Chasing
- not banish, tolerate - no power.
thoughts stray, rushing in a circle -
OH never loved anyone ...
melts will, but the idea remains unchanged -
No.Did not love.He was just in love.
Pain will build a wall between you and those like him.
girl cry!It is necessary
tears ... All will be forgotten in these tears -
Teddy bear, faded rose
And ... a drop of childhood into adult eyes ...

Confusion Confusion circles under the eyes, insomnia and
craving for cigarettes
sorrow for Nesbit summer ...
nobody is against ... and no one behind.
desperate thought: "all went on ..."
But someone is waiting for the heat of the fierce cold,
Someone my cold as the air needed
And someone's life my love price.
Snowflakes cut the vein from the inside -
icy blood in the snow crystals.
love someone - the alpha and omega,
my - long ago devoured bullfinches.There were crumbs
summer heat ...
confusion ... so to hell with cigarettes!
After a drop of love born in the summer, I
for someone laid up in the heart of ...

Just something and need to ...

I used to like to walk easily,
night in your house wading.
I just something and need - to know,
What do you sleep in it sweet.
peek your dreams about us, you
Smile - native ...
And, sadly, for the umpteenth time,
returned to her home.
remember you all night,
Until the morning ... that pain in the eyes.
viscous dream banishing away,
Washed down with wormwood fear.
talk about you ... with me.
Touching his hand to the cross.
and smoke ... one by one ...
Exhaling pain in the void.