WORD ABOUT Dostoevsky

(prose poem)

second part of Notes from the Underground - as a model of crime and punishment.Anticipation is akin to inspiration.Nudes nerves conversations lead to raschёsam soul.Something red and pain should be still light.

Karamazov - how raschetverёnny person: Ivan - the pain and the power of intellect, Dmitry - passion, Alyosha - the soul in fact, a Christian father - filled with water rot underground.Unity - people.

Dostoevsky - the lightest writer all his complexity; with wet walls and smell the labyrinths collapse of output to the light - and it even covers you wave, making it possible miracle.

Is there anything lighter than the last pages of The Brothers Karamazov?

Dostoevsky's characters

Raskolnikov is my brother, I know,
Although I did not go with an ax.
kill himself with doubts
Kohl disdain Zlata grain,
What seyano any soul.
Apartment gloomy house.
and evil, evil in him any, and everyone I
brother though.
Peel with Marmeladovs other day,
He also borrowed money.
Ile Karamazov nonsense
I decided to repeat the fate?
Raschetverёn as their breed -
father, Alyosha and Ivan
Dmitrii ... Where is she, freedom,
Kohl as jeopard father?
But Alesha will not happen to me,
As Myshkin not meet.
It is impossible at the wedding
Stavrogin drink and walk.
But I'm sure Raskolnikov,
I affirm it - brother.About Veda
death in absentia,
And glad I did not go back.

* * *

Smerdiakov dishonest closed
Money Isaac's creation.
Syrian read that it was opened?
Soul Syrian eats doubt.

jester and buffoon black Smerdyakov -
I do not think to whether to become a monk?
mired in a web of dark words,
All that understood put ashes.

Why read
chose Serena do not really understand.
Ugly Smerdyakov materyal
find in myself when I lose

Mites faith, falling into darkness.
Is disgusting Smerdyakov?Railway.
will shine once and he -
For God light the abyss.


Dostoevsky Dostoevsky Music
not require notes.
Ribbon mourning a narrow
soul will turn to me.
suddenly crumble feed,
For light is sprung up.
Evil will be beaten out of the givens -
Hill materyal it.

Petersburg of Dostoevsky

grim high-rise buildings,
They zapakoscheny stairs often.
Again crush human imperiously
events, very severe.

Yards - dark wells

in any of them seen the funeral.What ...
Against the background of gray-blue sky
takes a life, different people disturbing.

restaurants, shops - a crowded life.
the summer stench and fumes and the smell of dust.From
taste quite tart lies
are changing everyday were.

student did not eat for two days, insane look.
lender goes out of the apartment.A white night

poured poison in any heart.And the little people - sires.

... but somewhere in the mezzanine drink cognac,
Champagne and fun laugh.There
thousand terrible - such a trifle,
once chic and relish from birth are given.

I'm cold.Where is the summer heat?Clogged
tired retina.Heavy
life.Get used to go.
But poverty is hardly sings sweetly.

creaks, rattles old woman poverty.
Illusions spent like money.
in rags around parading beauty.
Pointless day passes again and

other third.Who kidnapped the light?
and rejection dim lights shine.

must be true!If there is no truth,
Then it seems desirable grave!


Kirillov little sleep at night -
The later visited him,
more likely strike
absurdity of speech.Nothing!-

not as rabid nonsense
are born in different heads.
Lantern Stirs the heavy light,
And the snow resembles ashes.

A narrow room, like a coffin,
But in the morning or during the day is bright.
We visited the earth to
Understand how the pain is sharp.

Roman banal fate
do not get any,
but interesting - with the difficult.Price
any fate - a penny!

But there is a high path,
What leads to the heavenly world.
And it can not be denied,
Let the hero now drinks.

Suicide - sticky sin.
and evil goes to friends.
A pain on the ground at all
always enough.Viscous fear

Completed soul.Outside,
Flashed shadow.But the city is asleep.
And long, tedious one
soul hurts.
soul hurts.


space torn lights,
And the snow flies, very shaggy with.
Gromada Petersburg before dawn
anyone's consciousness is not touched by the light.
Snow poignantly curls, he sechёt face.
river turns black ink - scared, scared.And the way
suddenly closed in
looming ahead, scaring tower.
Forward, forward!Home, hurry home.
So creepy!Humpbacked bridge, the river turns black.
White and black all over his head, And the night scares
as she is able.
to Italian more light, but
Who suddenly flashed in paving stone?
flashed, disappeared, exposing the bottom of life
(a life given itself completely worthless)
Who - ahead?His overcoat ...
galoshes lost.And Lane
rapidly emerged, and the house - as a goal.
But inside the house - he infernals gulok.
That staircase, whose temper rod
Loose amount of rubbish, twists,
And ahead run double (not mine!
And thank God! The horror for someone.)
look-so close that his overcoat
hit in the face.This house is black.
(... but if enlightenment - our goal,
not Forget about the spiritual power of the grain.)
steep ascent.Objects, trash,
open the door, but it is not necessary to enter.

Yes, if you have forgotten the way to the temple,
Wait, sinful, disgusting stories.

in explanation of Dostoevsky

How you look, Russian Faust?
gray-bearded, I suppose, and old.
provincial life chaos,
Reminiscent nightmare.And along the fence
Goes - all reaching the fence.
Passion of our brain mutilated,
But passion is unlikely verdict.

Province for Mozglyakova,
We Bring the Petersburg.
He pompous, the right word,
And before suffering and separations
And do not care it, this,
Where all the palaces, etc.
And on what the coupon
indulges in paradise?
game Viva!

game ... in Karlsbadene and can
In Roulettenburg - the topic.
Kohl man - so it's best Mozart.
In light of many systems.
One of them, we present
himself - everyone.
dog flies with wild barking
of the gate.Well

Now what?The game now and then.
Life in red colors.Inflamed
eh poor brain?I - it's the body?
No!I - any - even though I though it was only
only an appearance, but the essence
We will never know.
Chern now eerily black
Leteysko-Neva water.

* * *

Garden Karamazov stalled,
But given their very real.
blackness in my heart thistle
so familiar!Silenus banal.
path of enlightenment Affairs,
Alas, little - damn embarrassing.
Alesha again to heaven
gaze clear, blue notes.


Fiber stories finger
A curious no wind.
And metaphysics wanderer
must learn the essence of history.

all live in history, however,
Few perceive that.
black dog barked -
Can you see the sign?

only seriously compassion,
only metaphysics in the price.
And the story looks menacingly at
hero, quite miserable.

Pathetic!- I am worthy of compassion,
Aid worthy.Just do not.
Still not disappoint, I believe
sacramental light.