" Do not pray for me ... "

fragile ...

This is someone kind, accidentally extinguishes the light,
a cigarette hastily crushed on the concrete.
and stubborn lips proshepchut you: - Hi ...
Leaving bitter farewell for later.
No, not so - leaving the last blow: "Goodbye ..."
We already broken with pain a hundred pieces.And
list goes: "Do not wait and do not promise" -
Is it so important that the correct and fair?What
not warm tone monochrome wrong side of darkness, can not see what
paints and brushes fly out of the hands? ..
We Mara canvas, break, forgive, we too
whole and indivisible for separations.
Not a single tiny eternity of the soul,
And if you think about it - there is no need and no proc.
Without hope, you know, in whatever you're gone, I would stay
sad and lonely.
Look into her eyes and you will see at the bottom of love -
bleed hardly save doctors ...
We almost killed her skirmish of words.
We almost killed ... Pretty.Let's treat.
I mix pure tenderness and laughter,
you add a bit of wisdom and warmth,
We light the fire, not allowing the clot darkness,
And see - a fragile twig alive.
lilacs blossomed in response warmed us,
From winter and in the summer we stylosti diverting,
Where against the sky, shade favorite eyes, dark cherries ripen
in pure tears of rain.

Do not pray for me

Stronger fists clenched - nails dug into the skin,
I run to set on fire our bridge.
Do not pray for me, I beg, do not pray!
I'm in the Lord's house in a special account ...
place an angel - just behind the left shoulder,
Black Wing, it also saves me ...
And believe me, we did not spare more time,
What could not interrupt its mad flight.
Do not pray for me!He will not accept pleas -
I from birth eyesore.
My name is written in the book of fate
dash between "against" and blots "for" ...
Salamander on the bridge that she burned.Yes
may get burned, but you'll save.
Forgive me, my good, because I'm not out of malice, just
my place on the other side.
Half souls doomed to death,
I forget you ... but you do not call!
I would get cynical laugh and sing,
and not see heart burning love.

not want miracles

not want miracles, which was not involved -
But I'm not asking for anything today.
I do it myself, so that the sky was clear,
over who holds the key to my heart.
crumbled sins millet belt life,
Already heard whispering: "Come on, do not anger God" ...
But for every question I answer me the question -
not live in God whether living in Love?
For the one who created us, who knows everything in advance.
Had not he just us unwitting sin?
tenderness I let go to heaven in prayer,
And with the blood of the soul from the pit usual wolf fur.
Chained hot gaze to the divine countenance:
"Let me everything very soon ... For Christmas ...
Please, hear now my whisper louder cry
Do not punish me for it!!!"
Breath ...
Candle ... will swing slightly shade.
And now visible cloudless blue.
I do not want to Wonderland!And, kneeling,
only pray for him.Heard it? .. Amen ...