What put forth that will find,
and Christmas night drunken
One day you will enter
me my princess Nesmeyanov.
swing silver threads,
Sverknёt crystal edge frost,
And in a dark room together
See the snow we blue.Friends
door quietly closed down,
Kid wakes up behind the wall,
And your question: - "What now?»
My hand touches yours.
come back palms warm,
Give a sweet breath -
How strange it would be like a light
heart from timid silence ...
And in this shaky silence,
The current slow river,
ask me: and there ... in a dream,
you imaginedme with such?
And I did not wonder,
And nothing I will not deny it -
I knew I was in love
In my princess Nesmeyanov.
- And, maybe best not to risk it?
Cause I laugh do not know ...
again in response to the kiss
smile hide in my neck ...

Two swans

Two swans - white and black,
Touching the mirror smooth,
slides ... and the world is reflected
again, I tried to understand.Where
black - this earth, Where
white - is the soul,
Where life is for me not to be with you
not so good.
Whoever two shades to try,
Where heaven umbrella
disclosed to the ground, so I wanted to believe, through -gorizont
sew seam.Where
breeze - the breath of God, where the angels cry

rain Those who left ... and a little
Those who leave, but then.
look at the constellation spheres,
Through the blue abyss of the way,
estimate - perhaps without faith
to the top does not reach.
where cloud does not reach,
where bird wing does not reach,
But you can later wake up,
To longer a little fly ...
and gold liquid sunset,
floating on the Belaya Rus,
dream that perhaps once
I am back on Earth will be back ...
rain or snow flakes,
snowflakes dawn dew,
step out of the bottomless sky,
to meet with you again ...


snow is an eternity,
ayear does not end the night,
I look through the window into infinity -
swam my year off.
Fly away, lost sounds,
Voices of people dear to me -
Less meetings and more separation ...
saw his guests to the door.
twilight from the window to the hallway -
emptiness, peace and quiet,
And from the mirror who - somewhat similar,
As from the past, waving.
Previously, it was, like, clearly,
Sky - above the air - light,
And, perhaps, running became short lived
These days easily.
I certainly older and simpler:
Network wrinkles under his eyes, his mouth.
Life autumn rain washes and rinses
all thoughts from the sheet.
I thee sick more often, I
increasingly bite his lip,
And someday, deaf
night I'm probably still going to die.
Wake me up in the morning serene,
Cast out this sticky sadness,
Maybe I did once help -
... I open my eyes and wake up?