Oh, how much trouble on
tonight have snub-nosed little girls in funny pajamas -
Drink tea with cookies, and Dad meet
onto the porch to run after the joyful mother,
And then divided into couch cushions,
in anticipation of a fairy tale with a magical story,
and embracing, each other quietly in your ear, whispered
whole heap girly secrets ...
smells in the house subtly lilac,
and from my mother's hands - milk and cinnamon.
And so sweet, curled up on a warm lap,
Cover for a story about dragons and princes,
about a sorcerer of dark, dark forest,
The most frequently living without any fear,
about the brave pirates, beautiful princesses,
And the good wizardswriting a fairy tale ...
and when podkradёtsya through the carved shutters,
Following the evening, Sandman on velvet paws,
shall dream dreams it - certainly colored,
Where are the king and queen - their mom and dad.

on magic fair

on magic fair clattering heels,
wines, herbs, spices, cotton and damask.On barter
heart can love here,
A less - hardly anyone will sell.

horses here for the knights, princesses dresses,
scrolls, potions, drugs - if you are a sorcerer.On
magic Fair sell weighted
Laughter and tears, happiness and trouble.

to Browse importantly, by not pass,
For love - a treasure, and only one.And good luck
rare to find it here
Because so great price.

The dance fluttering silk skirts, tassels
teases embroidered shawl
beating heart of the poor, both in the network Goldfinch -
lose such Ptah sorry.

Do not be afraid, nice, fast otbolit,
uymёtsya pain searing, happiness ahead.
Believe - heart cute louder zastuchit,
Starting to live in your chest ...

Tales for Adults

Tales for Adults longer than for children,
Tales for Adults honest - they have more lies.
They do not read - they are written, before going to bed
Whisper hot: - "Do you love me, tell me?"
stupid question sleepless series,
List responses memorized a long time ago:
"Believe - madly in love!" "Of course, yes!"
And the silence ... And again, the window is dark ...
point to put in a new chapter in the morning,
bleached blob of ink from the horizon of light.
seems everything - a draft: write, erase ...
only erase turns once in a hundred years.
seems everything is lost, again find:
Youth, favorite ... And time slowed.
tales are written, but only here, unfortunately,
But what about happiness, is not true that age ...
and does not help the devil, not even God.
Someone tell cynically - carpe diem!
sad truth chapter sum up the results:
In fairy tales for adults is no happy ending ...